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500 MW power generation stopped due to incessant rains

NEA says that the supply will be facilitated by making alternative arrangements and repairing as soon as possible.

About 500 MW of electricity has been cut off due to damage to dams and substations caused by incessant rains.
According to NEA, the transmission and distribution lines have been cut due to incessant rains and the power supply has also been disrupted due to falling trees. The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and private sector-owned power plants have stopped generating 500 MW of electricity. 

NEA Executive Director Kulman Ghising said that the power generation, transmission and distribution system has been affected due to the rains. According to Executive Director Ghising, about 40 percent of NEA's power plants have stopped generating electricity due to the floods. 


He said that power supply was also disrupted as power generation, transmission and distribution systems were affected. He informed that a technical team has been deployed to manage the power supply by operating the closed power houses, transmission and distribution lines. 

Due to the floods, Nepal's largest 144-megawatt Kaligandaki A power house has been shut down since 8 am on Friday. It is said that the power house cannot be operated immediately as the flow of water in Kaligandaki river has increased excessively. 


NEA's 70-megawatt Madhyamsryangdi, 16-megawatt Trishuli and 14-megawatt Devighat power plants are also closed. Similarly, the production of private sector projects including Upper Bhotekoshil has also come to a standstill.

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