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About 29,000 Nepalis living abroad are infected with COVID-19 and the number of those being deported is increasing (English)

(Note: Gulf countries and Malaysia is the last Corona updated twice a day. However, if the number of infected Nepalese Embassy or gairaavasiya made public only when the Nepali Association enaaraenaele updates. The update of the Nepali embassy confirmed there have infected Nepalis   number  and gairaavasiya Nepali Association NRNA Statistics are included.)

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Kathmandu, July 5: Corona infection has been confirmed in 28,918 Nepalis working abroad. According to the Health Committee of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), 25,226 of the  infected have recovered.

Although the risk of carnage has decreased in Malaysia, the country where Nepalis go to work, it has increased in the Gulf countries. The risk of infection has increased in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and other countries. 

The Nepali embassies in the Gulf countries have not provided any statistics on the number of Nepalis infected in the country. But according to the data made public by the NRNA Health Committee, so far 1,650 Nepalis in the Gulf countries Saudi Arabia, 451 in Bahrain, 1,600 in the UAE, 750 in Kuwait, 18,000 in Qatar and 81 in Malaysia have been infected with corona. 

The infection has spread to one crore 14 lakh 24 thousand 843 people from 213 countries of the world. 5 lakh 34 thousand 484 people have died and 64 lakh 73 thousand 335 people have been cured.  

Similarly, 4,94,487 people in six Gulf countries and Malaysia have been diagnosed with carcinoma. Out of which 3 lakh 78 thousand 621 people have been discharged and 1 lakh 12 thousand 701 people are undergoing treatment. In these countries, 3,165 people have lost their lives due to carnage.

If you are in a Gulf country or Malaysia, have a health check-up immediately if you have any health problems or suspect corona. At present, Nepalis in trouble are being repatriated. To buy a ticket, just pick it up from the place indicated by the embassy. Before buying a ticket, contact the embassy to make sure that you are not a priority, otherwise you may fall into fraud.


The Nepali embassy in Qatar has requested the Nepalese who are in need of repatriation to fill the form even if they have already filled the form at the embassy. The person to be contacted according to the problem has also been identified.


The nationality of the infected in Qatar is not disclosed. Therefore, the embassy does not know the exact number of infected Nepalis. The figures included above are from the Health Committee under the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA).

Number of infected: 99 thousand 799 people. (Including 18 thousand Nepali Nepalis)

Those who returned home after recovering: 92,284 (The number of Nepalis recovering is significant, according to the Qatari government.)

7 thousand 387 people being treated in the hospital.

Number of dead: 128 


- If there is any problem in filling the form online, you  can go to the Facebook page of the embassy  and message or call the embassy to record your details. The embassy can also be contacted on 44675681 and 44171962. 

- Qatar has set up a hotline number 92727 to contact workers working in Qatar in case of any problem due to the corona virus. Keep in touch by contacting this number.

- If you see any health problems or information about the corona virus, call the hotline number 16000 of the Ministry of Health of Qatar. Corona infection is treated free of charge.

- The Qatari government has decided not to check the carnage of Nepalis returning home. Therefore, the embassy has prepared to measure only the fever and send it. The  embassy has also requested that the Ehteraz Mobile App" be launched as only green people can enter the airport. The app can be launched by downloading the Qatari identity card number and visa number. 

If the visa expires


According to the Qatari Ministry of Labor, the Qatari visa will be automatically renewed and allowed to return to Qatar after the end of this condition for workers who have gone on leave but have not been able to return to Qatar due to corona.

- Visa extension or visa status   can be found at https: // at this time .

- To use the Metrash 2 application to extend the validity or status of the Qatar ID and to visit the website of the Ministry of Interior of Qatar for more new information and information.

Number of infected: 51 thousand 540 people. (Including 16 hundred Nepalis) 

Those who returned home after recovery: 40 thousand 297 people.

Hospital treatment: 10 thousand 920 people.

Death toll: 323

Nate: The above mentioned number of infected  Nepalis belongs to the Health Committee under NRNA. The Nepali embassy in the UAE has recently stopped confirming the number of infected Nepalis and Nepalis who have lost their lives due to corona as the UAE has not disclosed the nationality of the infected. 


If there are any problems due to carnage including food, please fill the online form at the embassy and inform. According to the embassy, ​​the UAE government has provided free check-up for Nepalis returning home at the airport.

Click here to fill out the form

Contact the UAE's Ministry of Health and Prevention at 80011111 and the Dubai Health Authority at 800342 for information on your condition. 

Necessary assistance can be obtained by calling the Nepalese Embassy in Abu Dhabi on 026344767 and 6344385. 

If you have any health problems, please contact the Department of Health Services of the UAE directly at 8001717. 


The UAE has decided to waive the fines imposed on foreigners who have expired their visas and violated visa rules, including those whose visas expired before March 1. But those who want to return home will have to leave the UAE within three months from May 18.

Penalties will also be waived for those whose UAE ID has expired and whose work permit has expired.

Number of infected: 2 lakh 9 thousand 509 people (including 1650 Nepalis).

Those who returned home after recovery: One lakh 45 thousand 236 people.

Hospital treatment: 62 thousand 357 people. 

Death toll: 1916 

The number of infected  Nepalis mentioned is from the health committee under NRNA.


Curfews have been eased in Saudi Arabia. But some Saudi governments have set different rules for loose wood. Follow those rules.

If you suspect an infection, immediately call the government-provided health service center at 937 for advice and counseling. 

  •  Carina to check and return home

Carina must be tested to return home. Therefore, the embassy has requested you to make arrangements through your company as much as possible. Those that are not possible can be tested at a place they know or can afford. If that is not possible, Aniruddha Pathak can be contacted on 0546356023, Krishna Bhushal on 0598256718 for testing. 

For urgent assistance, advice and repatriation, call the Nepalese Embassy in Saudi Arabia on 0114611108. Please contact the embassy hotline on 0559389600 (whatsapp is also available on this phone) before and after office hours on or before the day of leave. 


- Saudi Arabia will allow Nepalis whose visas have expired due to Corona to return home without any penalty.

- Exit visa, re-entry visa and all types of visit visa and tourist visa holders will be able to return home from any departure point of Saudi without any penalty until further notice due to the Corona epidemic.

- So if you have such an imprint on your passport, proceed with the process of removing this imprint from the Saudi Interior Ministry's website Absher or Muqeem.

- If you have any problem to get the service from this portal, send your details through the hotline number 0559389600 of the embassy. The embassy will help you move the process forward.

According to the Nepalese Embassy in Bahrain, those who have been living illegally since 2020 have been given the opportunity to leave Bahrain or become legal with effect from April 7. 

Number of infected: 28 thousand 857 people. (Including 451 Nepalis) 

Those who returned home after recovery: 23 thousand 959 people.

4 thousand 802 people being treated in the hospital.

Number of dead: 96

The number of infected  Nepalis mentioned is from the health committee under NRNA.


If there is a problem due to Kareena and you want to return home or you need the help of the embassy to solve the problem, you can also inform by filling the online form and fainting.


If you have symptoms similar to those of fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, you can call Bahrain's toll-free 444. 

As they have bought tickets to return from Bahrain and are preparing to return from the embassy list, they have requested to provide a copy of the check with their names and numbers to the embassy.

Click here to find out where to check out Carina.  Bahrain offers free carina checks.

In case of any problem, you can contact the Nepali Embassy in Bahrain at 97317725583, 4161136, 35427717, 35547951, 36781588, 37114570.

Number of Carina infected: 49 thousand 941 people. (According to NRNA, including 750 Nepalis)

Those who returned home after recovering from Kareena: 40 thousand 463 people. 

Hospital treatment: 9,110 people.

Death toll from carnage: 368

Nate: The above mentioned number of infected  Nepalis belongs to the Health Committee under NRNA. According to the Nepali embassy in Kuwait, Kuwait has not disclosed its nationality. 

The Kuwaiti government is bringing Nepalis participating in the amnesty to Kathmandu free of cost, while there are chartered flights for the repatriation of Nepalis returning home due to other problems. Carina should be checked to return home.

Find out by calling the embassy. If the government sends them there, the government will check the carnage. However, the embassy said that those who return home due to other problems can do so through their company and those who are not able to do so can be tested at a place where they know or can afford it. 

You must fill out a self-declaration form to return home.



For repatriation through Himalayan Airlines:

Aruna Maharjan, Mobile No: 009779849522173; Email:

Ramesh Parajuli, Mobile No: 009779841788156; Email:

Ajita Shrestha, Mobile No: 009779801966973; Email:

- In Kuwait, there are plans to return to normal by making the wood loose in five different stages. Now the second phase has started. 

- Curfew will be imposed from 9 pm to 6 am during this time. During this time, government and private offices will be open with 30 percent staff. The malls will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Money exchange, financial sector, business and restaurant cafes will also be open to serve. 

- The third phase in Kuwait will start from July 12. Curfew will not be imposed during this period. Private and government offices will be open with the presence of 50 percent employees. Hotels and resorts will also be open. Taxis will also run in this phase. But only one passenger will be allowed to board. 

- The Kuwaiti government plans to start the fourth phase from August 2. During this period, government and private offices will be open with more than 50 percent employees. Hotels, restaurants and cafes will be able to serve their customers. And public transport will also run. Passengers will have to maintain distance.

- The fifth phase will start after August 23. Kuwait claims that people's daily life is normal at this time. But attention must be paid to physical distance and cleanliness. 


If you have a problem with Kareena and want to return home or need help from the embassy, ​​contact the embassy.

Follow the security precautions issued by the Kuwaiti government. 

If you have any health problems, call 24970967 and report your condition. Follow the health guidelines issued by the Kuwaiti government. 

In case of any problem, please contact the Nepali Embassy in Kuwait on 0096525321603. 


Foreign nationals residing in Kuwait will be able to extend three more women's visas after May 31 by paying a fee of three Kuwaiti dinars. Contact the embassy for more information and assistance.

To extend the visa, you need to contact your sponsor (employer) and   register at  . All you have to do is log in. 

After registering or logging in, the sponsor has to fill in his name and phone number and click on the guarantee note and then click on renewal, the embassy said.

Number of infected: 46 thousand 178 people.

Those who returned home after recovery: 27 thousand 917 people.

18 thousand 48 people are being treated in the hospital.

Death toll: 213

Oman does not  disclose the nationality of the infected. Therefore, the number of infected Nepalis has not been made public. .  


If you have problems with food and shelter, and you want to return home, please fill out an online form at the embassy.


If a foreign national in Oman is found to have a corona infection, he or she will receive the same treatment as a citizen of Oman. But those who return home have to undergo coronary examination at their own expense.

In case of symptoms of caries, Covid 19 will not be tested directly but will be tested free of cost at the National Laboratory only after a doctor's recommendation. If you want to know more about Corona, you can contact the hotline 1212 or 24441999.

Avoid crowds in public places and stay safe. Follow the instructions of the Oman government or the company. 

In case of any problem, the embassy has requested for help by contacting the Corona Special Hotline at 71530840 or 96824696177.


If you are in Oman and your visa has expired, you  can apply online through the Royal Oman Police  ROP . Therefore, the embassy has requested to apply through this website if the visa expires. Or you can call the embassy to get more help.

The Nepali embassy in Malaysia has started regular work. Consular services can be obtained from the embassy along with the passport. But before going to the embassy, ​​they have been requested to take time.

Number of infected: 8,663 (according to the embassy, ​​81 including Nepalis)

Those who returned home after recovery: 8 thousand 465 people. (According to the embassy, ​​including 81 Nepalis)

Hospital treatment: 77 people. 

Number of dead: 121

(No further infection has been seen in Nepali in Malaysia. It has been claimed that 81 infected people have been evacuated.)


Even though the treatment of Carana infection is free in Malaysia, those who return home have to undergo Corana examination at their own expense. The embassy has selected corona for testing in various clinics and hospitals in Malaysia. 

If there is any problem in the company or accommodation due to Corona, they are requested to contact the embassy.

Get information from time to time about government directives and advice for security vigilance. In case of any problem, the Nepali Embassy in Malaysia can be contacted at 60320201899 and 6020201898. 

- Foreign workers who have become illegal in Malaysia without the required documents will be able to become legal. Malaysia's Home Minister Datuk Seri Hamza Jainuddin has said that if the employer plans to employ illegal workers in immigration depots, such workers can be hired. 


- If you have received a checkout in May to return home from Malaysia, please contact the embassy. At present, the embassy is repatriating those in trouble on a priority basis. If it is your priority to return home, you can only buy a ticket at the checkout meme by telling the employer.

- If you are about to return to checkout in May or leave, please keep the leave papers with you. One of these two documents must be shown in Malaysian immigration.

- If the visa has expired and needs to be renewed before or within the same period of implementation of the lockdown, it can be renewed during office hours within one month of the lockdown. If the visa renewal has to be done from the Immigration Department's head office in Putrajaya, you will have to  take time in advance through the powerq" app.

This app can be downloaded from Playstore on mobile. If you have to apply in a state other than Putrajaya, you have to go to and book the time in advance. For that, everyone should contact the relevant person of their company.  

The Malaysian Immigration Department has stated that all foreign nationals will have to make an appointment online in advance and will not be able to apply if they go directly without an online appointment.

The repatriation of Nepalis who have been in trouble due to the Kareena epidemic has already started. The embassies are now repatriating those in trouble as per the priorities set by the government.


The government has compiled a list of 15 priority Nepalis. The government has granted amnesty, expired visas, stay at repatriation centers, received check-outs to return home, lost relatives to return to ceremonies, lost jobs, problems other than Corona, children, senior citizens, women, the sick, families visited but not returned due to Corona, Nepalis working in international organizations but those who are about to return to Nepal are given priority.

Similarly, priority has been given to the government employees who have gone on tourist visas, business visas and stayed there, those who have gone for study and other reasons, and the students who have to return after closing the college.

However, it has been made mandatory for the returnees to bear the cost of transportation and report of the corona inspection. 


You can ask questions and inquiries at the Immigrant Resource Centers in your district. 

Visit the Safer Migration Project Phase 3  Facebook page of the Immigrant Resource Center at your district's Immigrant Resource Center  and ask your questions and inquiries by phone. 

Not only the Immigrant Resource Center, but also the call center of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security of the Government of Nepal at 1141 or 16 60 01 50005. The call center will solve your questions and queries by coordinating with various concerned agencies.

If you are abroad, apart from the Immigrant Resource Center, questions can also be asked by calling the call center at 00977 1597 008 or by calling Vivar at 0097798, 018 00013. 

The call center and the immigrant resource center try to help and coordinate by finding answers and solutions to your questions. 

These two centers will also help to connect with psychosocial counseling services and, if necessary, legal assistance if needed, even if you are currently experiencing fear, stress and various mental problems due to Corona.

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