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75 percent IDs abusing us 'fake': Deepak Raj Giri

               75 percent IDs abusing us 'fake': Deepak Raj Giri

For some time now, actress and director Deepashree Niraula has been becoming very controversial on social media. Deepa had become controversial after questioning Rajesh Hamal's title of Mahanayak.

After giving an interview to Rajesh saying that he is not a superhero, many people abused Deepa. From Rajesh's well-wishers to filmmakers, Deepa was abused. Deepa had to face even rude insults saying that she was proud of being a hit in some movies.

Now on social media, many artists are urging not to abuse Deepa. Saying that Deepa has reached 'depression', the actors are urging her to show love now.

Deepashree's fellow actor and producer Deepak Raj Giri wrote the status in Deepa's defense. Deepak has been abused by many there. Some have even filled the tag of the superhero by flying the lamp.

On Sunday, Deepak came live on Facebook and said that 75 percent of the Facebook IDs that abused him were 'fake'. He said, 'After much abuse, I asked my cyber friends. He said that 75 percent of the IDs were fake.

Deepak is accused of constantly attacking the brand of 'Six Fists' rather than the debate of the superhero. 'We are proud,' he says. That's not it ', says Deepak,' We come from the comedy genre. So I have a habit of making jokes. Don't call it arrogance. We are also people who come wearing sandals. '

Deepak has said that they do not have the right to say that Rajesh is not a superhero. He added, "We working in this field cannot say that he is not a great hero. It is wrong for one brand to question another. '

Deepak has alleged that those who used to question Rajesh now started writing 'I am with Rajesh Hamal'. "Earlier, the shooting was delayed. The angry elders are now speaking in favor of Rajeshji. Thank you for your ambiguity. '

Admitting that Deepa made a mistake, Deepak has also apologized to the audience.

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