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Infections will increase if proper checkpoints are not maintained:- experts say

Birgunj, 16 August. Despite the spread of the infection at the community level in Parsa, the local administration in Simanaka has not been able to tighten it yet.

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Although the local administration said that there is a high guard of Nepal Police including the Armed Police Force at the checkpoint, the movement of the public has not been stopped.

Despite the spread of coronavirus at the community level in the border towns and border towns, local intellectuals say the administration has not been serious about stopping the flow of people across the border.

Recent events confirm that those who came from India have spread the infection to the Nepali community.

Locals say that the role of the local administration, which is focused on the main road of Birgunj without tightening the border, is questionable.

There is widespread criticism on social media of the local administration for not being able to tighten the checkpoints.
Just a few days ago, a team from the local administration arrived to inspect the checkpoint

According to a source, those who entered Nepal from India were affected. Experts say that if the checkpoints are not properly guarded, the infection will increase.

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