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King Mahendra's Work for Nepal.


King Mahendra's name comes after Prithvinarayan Shah among the personalities who should be highly appreciated in the history of Nepal. Historians and politicians argue that his reign was a boon for Nepali nationalism, development and peace.  

King Mahendra, who passed away at the age of 51 while working tirelessly to make the face of the nation and the people smile, has done a lot during his reign. Whether it is the Mahendra Highway connecting Jhapa to Kanchanpur or the 50th development project, it is still commemorating King Mahendra.  

King Mahendra, who always worked like a young man, never let a single moment of his life go to waste. Apart from resting for a few hours, he seems to have dedicated his entire life to the nation. In this process, he visited different parts of the country and introduced Nepal to the international arena by visiting important countries of the world.  

In an effort to brighten the face of the country and its people, he visited remote places and closely studied the condition of the Nepali people. Mahendra (Yuvaraj) reached Suparitar Barracks Makwanpur via Tribhuvan Highway in 2011 BS when there was a big flood / landslide. Learned about the plight of the victims. Some were given immediate financial assistance. He reached Dhulikhel in a jeep in 2013 BS and traveled to the eastern hills for about three months.  

Khusiman Maharjan, a resident of Balambu, had traveled with King Mahendra in his costume. Remembering the old days, he says - I used to get one rupee daily, I was carrying the king's dress. I saved more than ninety rupees and bought some land in Ubela. When I walked with King Mahendra, I never thought that he was a king and I was a servant. He loved me like his own brother.  

'The first night of Mahendra's journey to the eastern hills was spent in Panchkhal. Then he crossed the mountains and reached Jaljala. It was snowing then. The king also slipped on the snow in one place and reached the bottom. Leg injury. Then he sat on a rock and wrote a poem. In the evening, he started playing with the locals by lighting a tune in Palchheu. There were secretaries, chief justices, chiefs of staff. Mahendra listened to the suggestions and complaints of the locals for a few hours. Sleep at night eating soup, dry bread, vegetables and coffee. The evening meal was like this. Only occasionally did Mahendra Junior arm. Soybean, potato, copper, vegetables, gundruk and khichdi were his favorite food. 

Among the many people who went to see the king in the morning in 2021 BS was a five-year-old boy from Eastern Region who is writing these lines today. 

The locals complained that the main problem when they reached Ramechhap was drinking water. Discussions were held there from 7 pm to 2 pm. According to Ram Prasad Rimal of the visiting team, Dhapedi had a fever of 104 degrees in Charikot. 'People were waiting in various places. So the fever did not stop the journey. After a 38-day journey to Dharan, I returned from Biratnagar, ”Rimal wrote.

Mahendra slept in a hut for two nights while visiting Kanti Rajpath (Lalitpur-Hetauda) built by the army in 2013 BS. He ate the food of the workers. He reached places including Rapti in 2014 BS and Far West Doti in the same year. Those who recited poems at that time also got boxes. He traveled for 40 days in summer. He returned to Kathmandu from Dhangadhi Airport.  

He left for Western Nepal in 2015 BS. From Balaju, they flew back to Kathmandu from Bhairahawa via Nuwakot, Gorkha, Pokhara, Syangja, Bandipur, Palpa, Butwal and Toulihawa. King Mahendra, accustomed to sharing in the sorrows of the people and rejoicing with them, was not so much interested in the comforts of the court. Therefore, in the year 2016, he again went on a tour of Gulmi, Dang, Salyan and other places. In 2017, he visited Chitwan with the Queen of Great Britain.  

In 2018 BS, he visited Biratnagar and Jhapa in eastern Nepal. In the process, the cadres of the banned party Congress tried to block his journey by burning wooden bridges in some places, but the people built a mud bridge overnight and pushed the king forward. In Janakpur, the Congress bombed Mahendra's jeep. There was no major damage even if there was a hole in the vehicle. After Transport Minister Tulasi Giri informed the people about it through a microphone, the locals shouted at the king from house to house to search for the bombers, but King Mahendra reminded the people not to do so, saying that innocent people would die.

Without him, nationalism, national unity and national spirit would not have been strengthened. Therefore, many locals and foreigners who understand him have called him the most active and worthy king after Prithvinarayan Shah.

Mahendra reached Rara Lake (Mugu) in the year 2020. His poem 'Rara Ki Apsara' became very famous. King Mugu had reached the remote hills from Surkhet via Dailekh. The porters could not deliver the food on time. At midnight, he ate steamed rice with salt and slept. While joking about the food, he told the members of the visiting team that this is why hunger is sweeter than food. Snow fell on the tent and the tent collapsed at midnight. The king stayed awake. Mahendra spent seven days in Rara.  

In the year 2021 BS, Mahendra visited Birgunj, Jhapa, Kanchanpur, Pokhara, Biratnagar, Janakpur and other areas. Among the many people who went to see the king in the morning in 2021 BS was a five-year-old boy from Eastern Region who is writing these lines today.

In 2023 BS, Mahendra visited Baitadi, Darchula, Dadeldhura, Bajhang and other areas. Reaching Khaptad Lake, they enjoyed the unique colors of nature. There he met the famous scholar Yogi Khaptad Baba. Khaptad Baba is a medical doctor from Kashmir. King Birendra also loved and respected him very much.

Mahendra reached Kanchanpur, Dang, Sarlahi, Kailali and other areas in 2024 BS. He had a heart attack in Kailali. The incident took place when a tiger was being hunted by building a scaffold on a tree. Royal bodyguards Sher Bahadur Malla and Dr. Sushil Chandra Halder did a great service. I spent the night on the scaffolding. He was brought to the ground at around 5 am the next day. On the same day, Maharani Ratna Rajyalakshmi and the young Adhirakumar Dhirendra went there to pick up Mahendra. After resting in Tikapur for about a month, the king returned to Kathmandu. The people of Kathmandu had gone to Sindur to celebrate the resurrection of the king.  

He has a habit of not being able to live without work even if he is not comfortable. He started visiting Terai districts again. In the winter of 2028 BS, religious riots took place in Bara, Parsa, Rautahat and other districts. Former administrator Tej Bahadur Prasai had said that most of the people who set fire to houses and opened fire on the people were spies sent from across the border. King Mahendra visited those areas and established peace and order.  

After becoming the king in 2011 BS, Mahendra spent 2028 BS in the service of the nation. It is said that without him, nationalism, national unity and national spirit would not have been strengthened. Therefore, many locals and foreigners who understand him have called him the most active and worthy king after Prithvinarayan Shah.

The communist leaders of the world are far ahead of the kings in abusing power by becoming authoritarian, authoritarian and totalitarian. Leaders including Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Fidel Castro, Nikolai, Ceausescu, Anbar Hoja, Kimmel Sung, and millions of others were killed. Seeing that Stalin had killed thousands of people, his daughter objected: This is a tragedy. ' Risaha Stalin rolled his eyes and said that killing many people under the communist regime is not a tragedy, it is just a fact.

Mahendra had said that Durgananda Jha, who had bombed himself in Janakpur, should be kept in jail and not given the death penalty. During a serious discussion at the palace, jurist Pashupati Koirala, while explaining jurisprudence, theology and various other evidences, said, The scriptures say that those who commit crimes should not be acquitted. The principle of justice is unalterable. ' Taking off his hat and placing it on the table, Koirala fearlessly begged: Government, justice is always above the king's order. Instead, the servant's job should be taken away and he should not be forced to set a wrong precedent.  

Everyone was stunned to hear Pashupati Koirala's irrefutable argument. Many now think that Koirala will be snatched away. One of the participants in the discussion and consultation told this columnist in 2050: "After hearing the irrefutable arguments and evidence of justice and law, Mahendra said that it is my personal opinion not to give death penalty to Durgananda Jha as he has been used but the king must abide by law and justice." Old senior officials of the court are of the opinion that Mahendra is saddened by the news that Durgananda Jha was sentenced to death in Nakhu Jail after the final verdict of the court.

Renulal Singh, who has served as King Mahendra's secretary for a long time, has written, "King Mahendra was of the opinion that education is an example to teach the new generation something good." Mahendra had no pride. When a foreign journalist asked why the King of Nepal is called God, the King replied: 'I am a human being. I don't claim to be an incarnation or God. ' (Article titled 'King Mahendra as a Family Man' published by The Rising Nepal on June 12, 1969 by Renulal.)

V.S. After the great earthquake of 1990, Mahendra learned to sing and play many instruments including sitar. Bhupal Singh Pradhan, an old musician, has mentioned that Mahendra learned the star even though his father Tribhuvan said, "The boy is small, lean. Mahendra was fifteen or sixteen years old when he went to tour the Terai with Tribhuvan. Mahendra, who is skilled in public relations, wrote a personal letter to some court employees from the Terai asking, "Are you all right?" The old employees of the palace remember asking. They say, "Because we love servants, we used to think of the king as our father."

Mahendra learned football, badminton, tennis, volleyball, basketball and other sports at an early age. Gita Gurung, an employee of the palace, took care of her while she was injured while playing football. He fell in love with Mahendra. Rabindra Shah was born from the womb of his girlfriend. He was also a good lyricist like his father. For the first time in 2038, Panktikar had the opportunity to meet Prince Rabindra at a coffee shop (Indira Restaurant) in New Road. He was like Katikuti Mahendra. He is the brother of King Birendra. As it is mentioned in the royal tradition and constitution that the eldest son born from the king's married queen will be the king, Birendra, who is younger than Rabindra, became the king.

Nepal's constitution (2019) recognized the king as the supreme commander of the Royal Nepalese Army. It is clear that such a provision has been made in Part 17 of the constitution and the appointment of the Chief of Army Staff will be made by the king. It is said that King Mahendra took the advice of security experts when appointing officers like Kiran Shamsher, Toranshamsher, Surendra Bahadur Shah and Singha Durbar Basnet as the Chief of Army Staff. All of them are strong patriots and deserving and according to the prevailing law, they are the ones who can be the Chief of Army Staff.  

The phrase "Nepal's sovereignty is vested in His Majesty the King" is clearly written in Part 5 of the 2019 constitution. But King Mahendra, who gave no importance to anything other than the national interest, never deviated from the belief that the nation is supreme and nationalism is supreme. He also said that making tough decisions with the interest of the nation at the center was undemocratic and autocratic. But even after 70 years of active political parties in Nepal, such parties have not been able to prove their legitimacy. Therefore, it would not be prudent to cover the entire contribution of King Mahendra and spread unrestrained propaganda about him.  

No matter how much you write about Mahendra's glory. Many of his works are still remembered today. Even now, no one can refute his belief that the nation will not prosper unless he makes millions of landless landlords. Therefore, the new generation needs to be told the right thing about King Mahendra.

Translated by : KING YT 

Source :- Nagarik News - Nepal Republic Media

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