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Kuwait is reviewing the entry permit for foreign nationals

KATHMANDU: Kuwait is set to review the residence permits of foreign nationals who have not been allowed to return to Kuwait due to corona.

According to the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior, the decision will be made after reviewing the residency permit of those who went to their country on holiday and did not return on time due to the Corona epidemic. Kuwait is discussing various options.

It has also put forward the option of allowing entry through a visit visa and obtaining a residence visa from the employer in case the entry permit has expired due to non-return on time. But Kuwait has said it will consider more. A study conducted in this regard has suggested not to admit three groups of citizens.

It has been suggested that workers above 60 years of age, who have obtained a visa from a fake company and do not work in the main area of ​​Kuwait, ie normal workers, should not be allowed to enter now. In the case of domestic workers, it will depend on their age and background. In the case of those above 60 years of age, they will not be allowed to enter.

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