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Repatriation of Nepalis: 20 chartered flights from UAE alone


Kathmandu: 3500 Nepalis have returned home from the UAE in a period of 16 days.

Nepali Ambassador to the UAE Krishna Prasad Dhakal has informed that 352 Nepalis who were in trouble due to Corona have returned home through 20 chartered flights.

He said that the pregnant women, the sick, those who have lost relatives in Nepal, those who have difficulty in eating, those who have lost their jobs or those on unpaid leave, students and others have been repatriated as per the priorities set by the Government of Nepal. 

Ambassador Dhakal said that the embassy had sent the chartered ships to Nepal to cover the cost of tickets and hotel quarantine.


As of Sunday, 18,900 Nepalis in various countries have returned home. 

According to the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), 18,900 Nepalis from different countries have so far arrived home on chartered ships.

Nepalis from Afghanistan, Australia, Oman, Qatar, Myanmar, Kuwait, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Maldives have been repatriated by Nepali and some foreign chartered ships.

Similarly, Nepalis living in Sri Lanka, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Bahrain, USA and UK have returned home through various chartered flights.

Even today, Nepalis are returning from Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Malaysia, while ships are going to Saudi, UAE and Malaysia in the evening to pick up Nepalis.   

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