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Suicide in Facebook Live: It can be saved if you pay attention in time

Incident 1: Sharmila Magar, 23, from Udaipur and living in Manmaiju, Kathmandu, came to Facebook Live at midnight on Saturday. Earlier, she had posted a tick saying that she did not want to live life. 

Only hands and hair were visible on Facebook Live. But the whole face was not visible. Her sister and daughter-in-law had seen Sharmila live. But no one cared. Because Sharmila used to come live crying and talk about suicide.

Sharmila, who has always been live and said that she is bored with life, ended her 'life' by going live on Saturday. Although the incident took place at night, it was only known in the morning the next day. 

Sharmila, who always opens a vegetable shop in the morning, did not wake up till 7 am on Sunday when people around her room called her. But she was not shy. The locals looked out of the window and saw Sharmila hanging. They have called the Balaju police, said Balaram Sitaula, Ward Chairman of Tarkeshwor Municipality-9. 

According to Sitaula, Sharmila's house is in Naregadhi village municipality ward no. Yes. She had come to Kathmandu with her husband. Both Mr. and Mrs. Jamie worked. Relatives say that the relationship between them is not good. She had been living apart from her husband for about nine months.

Incident 2: A few days ago, a 19-year-old girl committed suicide in Bharatpur of Chitwan while going live on Facebook. Vidya Pandey, 19, came to Facebook Live at around 9 pm. She came live and looked around. She looked for a chair in the room. 

She climbed into the chair and hung the fan. Standing in a chair for the first time, Sal tried to climb on the sofa, but it didn't work. After three or four attempts, Sal committed suicide by hanging from a fan. He can be seen in the live video.

According to Chitwan Police, she had been living with a friend in Syaule Bazaar of Bharatpur. 

Vidya, who committed suicide on Facebook Live when there were no friends in the room, was working in a beauty parlor and online business. Police said that an investigation is underway into why Vidya committed suicide.

Incident 3: Alisa Gautam, 23, of Tulsipur Sub-Metropolis of Dang also committed suicide. Last Wednesday, while hanging out live on Facebook, she hung herself from a fan inside the room. 

Elisa is seen crying in the video with her hands clasped. She immediately grabs his ear and apologizes and grabs the stool in the room. Then she climbs on a stool, traps herself in a fan, and commits suicide.

Elisa was married to Rolpa in 2070. A year after the marriage, a daughter was born. The next year after the birth of the daughter, the relationship at home did not go well. She had left her daughter and was living with her mother. A few months later, she remarried in Rolpa. But Elisa's house did not last. Then she started living in Maitighar Dang. His parents are in India, police said.


In one week, three people committed suicide by going live on Facebook. According to the police, the incident of committing suicide on Facebook Live is not new. Even before this, there were incidents of people coming to Facebook Live and committing suicide. However, there is no information on the number of suicides so far, said Niraj Shahi, spokesperson of the Naxal Police Headquarters. 

He says, 'We know when someone commits suicide by going live, but because of the incident inside the room, it is difficult to find out which place, which house. 

Police had already received information about the incident in Dang last Wednesday. However, SSP Navindra Aryal of the Cyber ​​Bureau said that the rescue operation could not be carried out as it was too late to find the location.

He said, "After receiving the information, we coordinated with the official team of Facebook and found out where the incident took place." We then reported the incident to a neighbor, but the neighbor did not show any urgency. And could not be saved. Otherwise, we would have survived. ' 

The one who commits suicide has somehow given the signal


People do not commit suicide just because of one thing. There are various reasons for committing suicide. People who drink alcohol also commit suicide. Drug addicts also do it. People with severe mental health problems also do it. People who have been depressed for a long time commit suicide out of anxiety and impulsiveness, even if they have no problem. 

Some commit suicide by hanging, some by jumping into a river, some by eating poison. There are many ways to commit suicide. People commit suicide out of anger. 

The biggest thing to prevent suicide is awareness. What is a mental problem? You have to learn from an early age how to avoid it. Suicides can be easily prevented if teachers at school and parents at home can be made aware of this issue. 

Another thing is that people who commit suicide show some signs. Some people think life is useless. I don't want to live, I wish I could die. Someone even says that I am dying like this today. And if someone pays the loan, he pays it, meets the person he likes and eventually commits suicide. If such a person is understood in time and he is reminded, he can be saved.

Although this is not the reason for his suicide, he can be saved if his family, friends and relatives pay attention to him and explain it to him. The biggest thing for this is public awareness. 


In our society, we don't talk about suicide, we think that if such things are done and brought out, the incidence will increase. Not so We need to talk more deeply about this issue. 

The more we talk about suicide, the less likely we are to commit suicide. If someone doesn't want me to live, it would be even more frightening to talk to him about it, and if we don't, it's wrong. 
A person who commits suicide has given an expression from somewhere.

Even when talking about Facebook Live, they tried to say it in one way or another. But did not find a place. Their innermost thoughts were not heard. They committed suicide by going live on Facebook in order to get their point across. This is also done so that more people will listen to me. 

Now Facebook has become a place to express your feelings. As you can see, people post their feelings on Facebook. Since no one can stop you from talking about this issue here, you can post your heartache on social media like Facebook and Tiktak. And their status and sharing are the same.

Suicide is the last resort. Before that, he had to be accompanied by a difficult, embarrassing situation. We had to find out the reason for this. 

People commit suicide because they don't believe in life, they don't have anyone, they think my life is worthless. You can be saved if you listen to his feelings, understand him and just say I am for you. 
I am not alone, I can be saved only if I can give a ray of small hope that I have someone

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