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Two UN staffers have been suspended in Israel for allegedly having sex inside a car

  UN activists in Lebanon

The United Nations has suspended two of its staff in Israel for allegedly engaging in sexual activity inside an office vehicle.

The two were caught in a UN-marked vehicle on a main road near the oil-laden coast.

A woman in a red dress is seen in the video having sex with one of them in the back seat of the car.

The United Nations has launched an investigation into the 18-second video, which was widely circulated on social media last month.

UN Secretary-General's Spokesman Stephen Dujarric said he was shocked by the video footage.

Action 'appropriate'

According to the United Nations, the men in the video are believed to be working for the UN peacekeeping mission in UNTSO, Israel. They are international personnel assigned to military supervision.

They have been suspended on unpaid leave until the investigation into the incident is completed.

  • Strong opposition to the proposed law prohibiting sexual intercourse before marriage
  • Religious leaders who make strict laws on adultery are considered adulterous

A spokesman for the BBC told the BBC that the move was "justified" because of "serious allegations" of non-compliance with international staff.

The United Nations has a strict policy against sexual misconduct by its employees.

The United Nations may take disciplinary action against employees for violating the rules. Such staff may be banned or returned to UN peacekeeping operations.

But the responsibility for further discipline or legal action rests with the employee's country.

   Peacemaker in Israel

The United Nations has long investigated allegations of sexual misconduct by peacekeepers and other staff. In recent days, such allegations have become more frequent.

According to a report, in 2019, there were 175 allegations of sexual harassment and abuse against UN staff.

Of these, 16 have been confirmed and 15 have not been confirmed. Others are under investigation.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has a zero-tolerance policy against sexual misconduct within the United Nations.

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