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Work on the Superdordi 'B' project is gaining momentum


Lamjung. Work on the 54-megawatt Super Dordi 'B' project in Dordeni of Dordi Gaonpalika-6 of Lamjung district has started gaining momentum after the construction was halted for three and a half months.

According to the project, the employees of the project, which is the largest in the Dordi Corridor under construction by People's Hydropower Company, have started returning home after the lockdown and the loading has become loose and the transportation of construction materials has become easier.

Project Chief Babukrishna Bhandari said, "Even though the work of the project was halted on April 25, the work has started picking up speed as before." Earlier, the work was halted due to shortage of workers and problems in transportation of daily construction materials required for the project. According to the project, about 300 workers are working after the workers return home from the lockdown and another 200 workers are preparing to come from home. 

According to project chief Bhandari, 65 percent construction has been completed so far. According to him, eight km of the 10 km long tunnel has been completed. Similarly, mechanical and electronic works, construction of residential buildings, financial management and other works have been done. The project has stated that 40 percent work including pipe laying, construction of hydropower house and transmission line is left.

Nine banks, led by Nabil Bank, have invested Rs. 8.80 billion in the project under construction. The residents of the affected areas and the district residents alone have invested Rs. 270 million in the project which is being constructed with 70 percent loan investment and the rest from the promoters.

The project has stated that the construction time and investment will also increase when the work is affected by lockdown. The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) was signed in 2071 BS and the construction was started in September, 2072 BS. As per the agreement, it will not be completed on time.

The project will purchase electricity at Rs. 8-40 paisa in dry season and Rs. 4-80 paisa in monsoon season.

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