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Muslim leader's suggestion to RPP top leadership: If you want to run the party, don't leave King, Hinduism and Cow!

Birtamode. Although the party has been united for a long time, no concrete decision has been taken in RPP about the election symbol. 


Meanwhile, leaders and cadres have started debating about the election symbol.

In this regard, RPP leader Anjar Alam, who was elected from RPP in Jhapa's Kachankawal village municipality, has expressed dissatisfaction over the ongoing controversy over election symbols.

Writing a long status on social network Facebook, Alam expressed his sorrow saying that he had heard about the removal of RPP's election symbol Gai.

He said that the people have chosen RPP out of love for cows in some places and asked them not to talk about changing the election symbol.

He also said that there should be no compromise on the issues of Hindu Rashtra and monarchy that RPP has been carrying for a long time. 

His Facebook status as Like :-


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