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Indian Home Minister Amit Shah infected with corona

Kathmandu: Home Minister Amit Shah of the Indian federal government has contracted Covid-19.

       भारतिय गृहमन्त्री अमित शाह कोरोना सङ्क्रमित

Minister Shah, who is also a senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party, said on Twitter on Sunday that he had been confirmed infected with Covid-19. Stating that he has been confirmed to be infected with the corona virus, Minister Shah has urged all those who come in contact with him to test for Covid-19 infection.

Shah tweeted: "Tests based on some symptoms show coronavirus infection. Despite the infection, I have not seen any other physical problems. But on the advice of a health worker, I am admitted to the hospital. ”

He said, "I urge those who have come in contact with me in the past few days to immediately sit alone and be tested." In Uttar Pradesh alone, Minister Kamala Rani died in Lucknow on Saturday due to Covid-19 infection. He died at a hospital in Lucknow after his infection was confirmed.

Corona virus infection rates in India have risen sharply in recent days, according to government data. As of Sunday, 1,761,166 people had been infected in India and more than 37,000 had died. India's infection rate has risen sharply in July. 

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