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Actress Karishma writes - 'Kulman Ghising is needed again'

Kathmandu. The tenure of the Executive Director of Nepal Electricity Authority, Kulman Ghising, who is freeing our country from load shedding for more than 18 hours a day, is coming to an end on August 15. As his tenure draws to a close, various people are coming to the news media from political to economic activities to not give him any responsibility again.


No matter how much he is active inside, people from celebrities to celebrities have started raising their voices on social media saying that he should be given the responsibility of the authority again. Similarly, Karishma Manandhar, an evergreen actress of Nepali films, has also said that Kulman is needed in the Electricity Authority again.

She shared a photo taken with Kulman on the social network Facebook and wrote: Kulman Ghising is needed again. '

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