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University exams before Dashain

Kathmandu: Universities have stated that the suspended examinations will be conducted before the tenth even if it is through alternative means. The vice-chancellors said that the examination will be conducted using online and other means including traditional ones.


He informed that the corona infection is decreasing and the examination will be conducted through other methods including online.

According to the vice-chancellors, homework is being done to conduct the examination by alternative method within September. In a virtual discussion held by the National Youth Council on Monday, the vice-chancellors said that the academic session would be ruined if they could not conduct reading and examinations through alternative means. He emphasized the need to make alternative methods mainstream education.

Vice-Chancellor Dharmakanta Banskota said that the Tribhuvan University, which has the largest number of students, has put forward a plan to conduct examinations from four models. "Since the first week of July, the situation has eased and we were told to take the exam in August," he said. "The situation has deteriorated. The exam had to be postponed.

He said that the examination will be conducted through online, internal assessment, open book and traditional method as per the situation. Trivi has circulated the circular to the students to come in contact with the campus and the department to advance the educational activities including reading and examination through alternative means.

There are 415,482 students studying in TRI. Out of 538,000 students studying in higher education, 77 percent study in TRI. Vice-Chancellor Banskota complained that he was uncomfortable in reading and conducting examinations during the Covid due to the large number of students.

Trivi had been conducting online classes since April. So far, email IDs have been distributed to 145,000 students, 16,000 teachers and staff. Capital development training related to virtual classrooms has been given to 4,500 teachers.

Kathmandu University and Open University have been conducting online reading and examinations. He said that other universities are also preparing to take exams online and other methods. He said that there would be no loss in the academic session if the examination could be conducted before the tenth.

Vice-Chancellor of Eastern University Yadav Raj Koirala said that the online examination will be conducted till mid-October. There are only 54 days left until the tenth. All 11 universities are already preparing for the exams. "If all the exams are completed before the tenth, then it will be easier to get new recruits to study," he said. He said that despite the problems of internet and online, there was no other way to save the academic session except to take exams through alternative methods. "It is time to find a solution to the problem from within the ambiguity," Koirala said. "Both the annual and semester examinations will remain closed."

Midwestern University has also stated that it is preparing for the online exam. "The suspended results have been published and now preparations are being made to take the suspended exams," said Vice-Chancellor Nanda Bahadur Singh. He said that as the number of corona infections was increasing, it was not possible to conduct the test in any other way than alternative methods.

"When the lockdown started in Chait, there were readings and meetings through Facebook messenger," he said. Far-Western University Vice-Chancellor Aman Raj Joshi also said that preparations have been made for online reading and examination. "We have students even in places where there is no telephone facility, but there is no alternative to technology," he said.

Rajarshi Janak and Lumbini University have also made arrangements to take the exam through alternative methods. Vice-Chancellor of Lumbini University Hridayaratna Vrajacharya said that the online examination will be held from September 8. "We have provided recorded lessons to students who are unable to participate in online classes," he said. Vice-Chancellor of Rajarshi Janak University Bharat Jha said that the class has been increased for the students on the condition that they will do it after the examination. "It took 9 months for Kovid to complete the course in six months. Even if we complete the course online, we will not allow any educational loss," he said.

Minister for Education Giriraj Mani Pokharel has instructed the universities to make the academic calendar public within a year and find ways not to waste the academic session. He argues that reading and examining with the traditional method is not possible when the corona is at risk. He has been monitoring the situation across the country regarding the effectiveness of alternative classes at the school level and suggested to conduct this year's academic session through alternative methods. "Campus heads should look for their students," Pokhrel said. "University officials should start solving problems." Dean, it's not a case of handing over to the campus chief. '

During the discussion, Buddha Bahadur Thapa, president of the Nepal Professors' Association, stressed on the need for the state to give priority to implementing open and distance education by making professors and students technology-friendly. "Students and teachers need materials and internet," he said. "The government needs readiness, presence, planning and support." He said that digital learning could be recognized as an official educational program if teachers could expand students' access to technology.

Lekhnath Sharma, vice-chancellor of the Nepal Open University, suggested that only a change in the curriculum and assessment system could prevent the wastage of the academic year in the current situation. "The alternative is not only online, but also access to the internet," he said.

The World Health Organization estimates it could take up to two years for the corona virus to come under control. The students have expressed dissatisfaction over the failure of the Ministry of Education and universities to come up with an education plan for six months. UNHCR leader Rashmi Acharya said that it was the responsibility of the educational institution to find out the condition of the students and involve them in the lessons. "It's been six months since the lockdown started. The Ministry of Education and the university are doing their homework," he said.

Students have complained that alternative studies and examinations are being affected due to non-appointment of officials including Vice-Chancellor in Pokhara, Sanskrit and Agriculture and Forestry Universities. Students' unions have been demanding the government to appoint officials.

How many students in which university?

University student number

1. Tribhuvan 4,15,482

2. Purbanchal 46,190

3. Pokhara 30,749

4. Kathmandu 16,436

5. Far West 10, 11

6. Midwest 5,721

7. Agriculture and Forestry 3,871

8. Nepal Sanskrit 2,721

9. Lumbini Buddhist 713

10. Nepal open 680

11. Rajarshi Janak 191

12. Institute of Health Sciences (6) 3,247

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