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There was no proposal to extend Kulman's tenure. How did the rumor spread?

KATHMANDU: There was a lot of rumor on social media after 5 pm on Tuesday about the extension of the tenure of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Executive Director Kulman Ghising. The cabinet meeting congratulated Kulman Ghising on Twitter and Facebook for extending his term by four years. Prominent people were also congratulating Kulman. Some media outlets also reported that Ghising's tenure was extended. 


However, the proposal to repeat Kulman Ghising in the Electricity Authority was not reached in the cabinet meeting on Tuesday. Kulman's issue was not on the agenda of the Council of Ministers today. The ministers themselves have been surprised after the news that the term was extended without going to the Council of Ministers regarding Kulman's term expiring on March 12 went viral. 

"No proposal has been submitted in writing today. A decision could have been taken if the proposal had come directly from the prime minister. His term is still pending but a direct decision was not possible as the departmental minister did not come up with the proposal," a minister told Ujjalo Online.

Kulman Ghising's term is coming to an end on September 13. The government is not in a hurry to extend the term of Finance Minister Dr. Yubaraj Khatiwada, whose term ends before September 8. There are two meetings of the Council of Ministers every week. The government is in no hurry to appoint Kulman before the next six meetings. 

How did the rumor spread?

There are growing voices that Ghising, who is about to end his four-year term on August 13, should be given leadership in the authority again. There is also a strong demand on social media. Artists including Harivansh Acharya, Manoj Gajurel and Karishma Manandhar were demanding extension of Kulman's tenure on social media. Such news also got a lot of space on Tuesday afternoon. 

But comedian Deepak Raj Giri started the news that Kulman was repeated by the cabinet. He wrote on Facebook, "Today's cabinet meeting has decided to continue Kulman Ghising as the head of the Electricity Authority." The government has no choice but to stand up for the people by sending news with such intentions.  

It didn't take long for Deepak Raj's status to spread. From Facebook to Twitter, his status was shared and shared with screenshots. The recurrence of Kulman's appointment on social media based on Deepak Raj's status went viral. His status has been liked by more than 11,000 people, with 1,100 comments.

The issue also went viral on Twitter with a fake tweet handle by Kulman Ghising. Ranjit Tamang, co-coordinator of the CPN Students' Union, retweeted the tweet from Kulman's fake handle and congratulated him. 

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