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Government should have formal talks with India about Buddha: Madhav Nepal

Former Prime Minister and Chief of Foreign Affairs of the ruling Communist Party of Nepal Madhav Kumar Nepal has said that the statement made by Indian External Affairs Minister S Jayashankar about Buddha was unfounded and objectionable.               

               Madhav Kumar Nepal.  File photo

Indian External Affairs Minister Jaishankar said in a program on Saturday that he considered Buddha to be a great Indian.

Nepal, who is also a senior leader of the Communist Party of Nepal, said that India's claim was baseless and objectionable despite the historical evidence that Buddha was born in Nepal.

"Indian External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar's propaganda that Gautam Buddha, born in Lumbini, Nepal, is a great Indian, is unfounded and objectionable," Nepal wrote in a status post on Facebook on Sunday. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that such insensitive and wrong statements made by the leaders adversely affect the relations between the two countries.

Nepal has said that it is even more saddening for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Nepal to make it clear in the Parliament of Nepal that Buddha was born in Nepal.

"I request the Nepalese government to formally talk to India about this," Nepal said.

Earlier, the main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) had objected to the Indian foreign minister's remarks about Buddha.

Spokesperson Bishwaprakash Sharma said that it would not be acceptable for them to hurt the sensitivities of Nepal and Nepalis by passing impulses in response to the impulse.

'Lord Buddha was born in Nepal. We have serious objections to the Indian Foreign Minister's statement against the mythical and proven fact that the territory is in today's Nepal, 'spokesperson Sharma tweeted on Sunday.

He also mentioned that the impulse is not in the interest of both the countries. "Impulse in response to velocity is not in the interest of both the countries," he said. Remarks made without regard for mutual sensitivity can leave deep scars. The main topic can be twisted. But they can't focus on long-term interests. '

He has mentioned that Nepal has not asked for registration proof from anywhere in the world about the fact that Buddha was born in Nepal.

"We have not asked for registration from anywhere in the world that Buddha was born in Nepal," Sharma said. However, the offensive comment is very sad.

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