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Records of those crossing the Nepal-India border will be kept

India's encroaching policy and thinking did not resolve border dispute: Home Minister


Kathmandu: Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa has informed that the work of keeping records of people crossing the Nepal-India border has started. He informed the parliamentary committee that he was taking details of the movement between the two countries for the prevention and control of Corona virus (Covid-19) infection and was preparing to develop it permanently in the coming days. 

Nepal-India border is open. Nepal did not keep a record of the movement between the two countries before the spread of the corona infection. However, the government has informed that it will keep the details of the movement at the border in the coming days and will allow the people to cross the border only on the basis of their identity cards.

At a meeting of the State Management and Good Governance Committee of the Federal Parliament House of Representatives on Wednesday, Home Minister Thapa said that records of those crossing the border were being collected and the government was preparing to continue it in the coming days. 'Implement registration system at the border, identity card system as much as possible. If that is not done, then the details of the people crossing the border will be registered. It helps in resolving border disputes and border encroachment issues. Suggestions have been made to implement this system. It is also an opportunity to strengthen and secure the border. There are rumors that Covid has given us an opportunity, "Thapa said in response to a question raised by lawmakers." We are moving in that direction. Archiving is currently underway. The government will focus on developing it in a system that will make it permanent.

India's encroaching policy and thinking is a problem at the border

Home Minister Thapa has blamed India's encroaching thinking and policy for the unresolved border issue. He said that in the past, along with the principle of delimitation of borders, India's encroaching policy has always caused disputes at the border.

The Home Minister said that there was a problem in considering the river as the base of the border. 'The principle of determining the boundary map is the cause of the controversy. We considered the river as the basis for delimitation. Problems have arisen as the rivers change their course over time and the boundaries change. I think that the reason for demarcation of the border should be rectified, 'Thapa said of the second reason for the dispute,' The second reason is the encroaching policy and thinking of the neighbors. The encroaching policy of uprooting pillars and bringing them inside Nepal is also seen as the cause of the border problem. We cannot solve the problem that arises at the border without removing this cause. '

The parliamentary committee had organized a discussion saying that the strip map to determine the border with India has increased the border dispute and while determining the border on that basis, some Nepali lands have fallen to India. The Committee on Public Administration and Good Governance has held a discussion in Kanchanpur after a dispute arose over the demarcation of the border on the basis of a strip map.

Home Minister Thapa said that while determining the border on the basis of strip map, some Indian lands fell in Nepal and some Nepali lands fell in India. Stating that the controversy has escalated, he said that the principle of strip map is not correct. He said that discussions should be held at the level of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a bilateral committee set up to resolve the border issue and citizens. "We have to resolve the border dispute through diplomatic initiatives. The territory of India belongs to India. It is not a matter of rejoicing that his land has come. We did not take an aggressive policy. The territory that went to India should be brought back. We have to move forward by improving the border theory, ”he said.

The Home Minister said that it was not possible for India or Nepal alone to take the initiative to resolve the border issue. He informed the committee that work is being done to increase security at the border. He said there was a need for special plans and arrangements for border security and the government was working on it.

The Committee on Public Administration and Good Governance has directed the government to provide factual information about the strip map of Nepal-India border. The government has been instructed to study the strip map prepared in Kanchanpur and other districts bordering India and provide information on the border. Committee Chairperson Shashi Shrestha has directed to provide factual information on the overall issue related to strip map and boundary. She also instructed the committee to prepare a strategy to move forward on the basis of facts so that there would be no dispute in the discussions between the two countries on the border issue.

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