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Russia prepares world's first vaccine against corona virus

Kathmandu: Russia has developed the world's first vaccine against the corona virus. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that the world's first vaccine against corona had been successfully tested.


The vaccine, developed by Russia's Gamalia Research Center, has been approved by Russia's health ministry. Putin briefed government ministers in Moscow on Tuesday about the corona vaccine. Putin said the vaccine had been used on his own son, according to the BBC.

Mr Putin said the vaccine had been successfully tested and had developed an immune system to fight corona. The vaccine is based on the adenovirus and contains the deadly element Covid-19, which cannot be grown, said Alexander Ginchberg, head of the Gamalia Research Center.

However, experts have also raised questions about the vaccine. According to the BBC, they have questioned the speed of the test. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), six vaccines have not been included in the third phase of clinical trials.

Russia has so far infected 891,000 people with corona. The corona virus, which started spreading from the city of Wuhan in China in late 2019, has so far appeared in more than 188 countries around the world.

The most infected corona are in the United States, Brazil and India, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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