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Seven organizations urge filmmakers not to participate in 'Rajatpat' program

Seven professional associations related to film had urged filmmakers not to participate in the program Rajatpat on AP1 Television.


The Nepal Film Artists Association, Nepal Film Association, Nepal Film Producers Association, Film Directors Society, Nepal Film Technical Association, Nepal Film Conflict Association and Film Dance Association have issued a joint statement.

The statement said, "In order to discourage the tendency of filmmakers, especially actresses, to make derogatory remarks and engage in violent activities, we request all filmmakers not to participate in any controversy or legal issues arising out of the Silver Plate, Glamor Gossip program."
In the silver screen program, director Prakash Subedi had made controversial remarks targeting actresses of Nepali films.

Presenter Subedi had given a controversial statement about the physical appearance of actress Pooja Sharma. These professional associations have said that actress Sharma should get justice. Objecting to the statement made against her, actress Pooja has also lodged a complaint with the Nepal Film Artists Association, Women's Commission and Press Council.

He also apologized after the presenter Subedi was sharply criticized.

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