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State Management Committee directs the government to fix the faulty map

             Reinstallation of all border pillars to complete by 2022

The border has not been demarcated around 57 rivers in the Nepal-India border area for the last 32 years. When the topographic map prepared by the Nepal-India Joint Border Survey Team in 2059/60 was incomplete and inaccurate, Nawalparasi, Kailali, Kanchanpur, In the districts including Jhapa, Nepali territory is towards India. Although it was said that the issue would be resolved at the level of foreign secretary as per the agreement reached at the level of the then foreign minister in 2014, no talks have been held at the secretary level once in the last six years. The parliamentary committee has also instructed the government to immediately resolve the issue as the border has not been fixed for a long time. The border issue between Nepal and India in Susta of Nawalparasi has not been resolved for 32 years. India has been claiming most of the land in the Susta region. While Susta is a Nepali and Sustavasi is a Nepali citizen. The border dispute of Susta is related to the change of course of Narayani river. Although Nepal and India have agreed to adopt a definite border system from 2045 BS based on the map of 1860 BS, the work of demarcating the border in the sluggish area has not been done for 32 years due to India's difficulties. Wards 1 and 8 of Belauri Municipality of Kanchanpur, Some Nepali territories of Ward No. 4 and 9 of Rehabilitation Municipality and Ward No. 3 of Beldandi Municipality are also on the Indian side. The Chaudhar River flows through Balauri Municipality and there is Pyaratal in the Rehabilitation Municipality. Similarly, in Bhimdatta Municipality, Ward No. 10 of Kanchanpur District, when Nepal was trying to blacktop its roads, the Indian side had stopped the work saying that the land was on its side as per the topographic map. The Haliya Basti, which has been in the Bramhadev Bazaar of the same municipality for a long time, has also been pressured by the Indian side to stop the construction of a new building and vacate the old Basti. Not only Nawalparasi and Kanchanpur, Kailali, Parsa, when the topographic map is incomplete and inaccurate. There is such a problem in the area around 57 rivers in the border districts including Jhapa. The term of the joint technical team expired in 2007 without completing the technical level work on the Nepal-India border. In the next seven years, no mechanism was formed between Nepal and India on the border issue. In 2014, the fifth meeting of the Foreign Ministers' Mechanism of the two countries decided to resolve the issue at the secretary level. But in the last six years, no meeting has been held at the foreign secretary level to resolve the issue. Though Nepal offered to hold talks on November 20, India rejected it. Since then, Nepal has not taken any further initiative. Meanwhile, the State Management Committee of the Parliament has directed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Home Affairs and Land Management to submit the facts stating that the on-site map is faulty. Whether government bodies work according to this directive remains to be seen. And instructed the Ministry of Land Management. Whether government bodies work according to this directive remains to be seen. And instructed the Ministry of Land Management. Whether government bodies work according to this directive remains to be seen.

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