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The country's concern in rap

The country's concern over rap, which is isolated from the subject of love, is a reflection of the way young people view the current situation.

Kathmandu: There was a time when most Nepali listeners understood rap as a loose song. But over time, that is likely to change. With the rap of entertainment and love, hip-hop music has been advancing on social issues lately. The machine has started worrying about the country. Social and political issues have started to be covered.


Two weeks ago, rapper Sandeep Visht, popularly known as 'Mr. D', brought a song on contemporary issues, 'Kalle Bhanyo Talai'. He has been singing rap on social issues and has also touched on socio-political issues in this song.

The song covers Nirmala's murder, corruption, border encroachment and illegal activities in the name of development. He has raised his voice through the song on the issue of inconsistency in detaining the artist from rape and acid attack. These lines are powerful in his song -

Who told you that a short dress can rape you?

Everyone has a short dress. Who told you?

Who told you a woman is safe at home?

I told you, 'This is your thought.'

In a four-minute video, he highlights the country's problems. Her tendency to go abroad for treatment is satirical in her song. Raising issues like weak law and gold scandal, he has shown the pain, anger and concern of the people through the song.

Just a month ago, rapper Unique Poet (Utsah Joshi) released the song 'Mero Desh Birami'. Her song also reflects her concern for the country. Even though the country is sick due to rape, corruption and atrocities, hope is found in his song that the country will recover tomorrow. There is hope in this part of the song 'My country is sick, but we will get rid of it one day'. Outrage over interference with art is found in his rap. "Stigma in my art, hip-up is the mirror of society, stopping rape is not our voice," the outrage is evident in her song.

Not just in Unique's song. Recently, rapper Balen Shah also released a new song highlighting the problems of the country. He has also included the pain and sorrow of the people of the country in the song 'Balidan' which was made public on YouTube seven months ago. The real society of today is reflected in his songs.

Hip-up is called the mirror of society. 'Hip-up can show what is happening in society. And when we can say what we want to say, why don't we talk about the country? I brought the same song, 'says Balen. He is also active in rap on social issues. Her last song is titled 'Sacrifice'. Imagining the time of 'Sacrifice' directed by Tulsi Ghimire, he says that this time there is no obstacle to raise voice. 'The government would not allow the actors to talk about the political system of the country during the film. But at the moment we can speak, 'he said,' the government can give grief. But we are still in a democracy. There is freedom of speech. Why don't we talk when we have such an opportunity? '

'Mr. D' says that the country's problems will come out in his song due to his interest in the country. "Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. The same things are written by Pele. Probably because of such things, the audience liked him, 'he said. This is to change people's thinking. ' Balen argues that other genres of music rarely cover such topics. So he says, 'We raise our voices on this issue because other genres of music should also learn.'

He says that raising such voice will create pressure on the concerned bodies. Through this kind of song, the youth can also get acquainted with the current situation of the society. This song was written in one day. After releasing the famous rapper Viten in custody, he decided to write a song on this subject. Police arrested Vitten on charges of indecency and later released him under pressure. "I wrote a song about it when I felt I had to talk about it," he said. "It means we don't keep quiet. Let's talk more now. Are we talking about pushing us? That's why the hip-up community became aware. What we are trying to show is that when one person is caught by the government, 10 people make such a song. '

As soon as the issue of Witten was raised, Mr. Dee said, 'It was not necessary to hold Witten. But was caught in the use of force. We believe that that power should be used in a positive way rather than in capturing the artist. The culprit of Nirmala's murder has not been caught yet. I added that subject to the song so that attention should be paid to such things, not to run after the artist, but to catch the real culprit. ' Balen knew that the audience would not like such a song as other songs. But her song has been viewed by over 900,000 people on YouTube. He says, 'It is difficult to get 1 lakh views on such a song. But the audience liked it. This means that the seed we sowed in our youth has grown. Now even the youth have understood. '

Seeing that the situation in the country has not improved, Balen, who is also a structural engineer by profession, wants to contest the Kathmandu metropolitan election. Of course, even Mr. D knew that such a song would get less attention. But he says that he sang rap on this subject because such a song gives enthusiasm to the youth. 'I don't like to listen to these songs over and over again. Love songs, after a breakup three times a day, you feel like listening. That's why there's less of a buzz in a song like this, 'he said,' but it seems to inspire people even for a moment. It makes us think about the situation in our country. '

He had earlier composed a song that would give hope to the audience who were locked up at home in Lakdown. Along with the problem of lockdown, he also raised the issue of untouchability through rap. He likes to cover the problems of the country in his songs. 'I like to cover all the problems in my song. Let all the pain be gone. I will include the problem so that it can be a document for the next generation as the country gets better, 'he said.

Rapper Girish Khatiwada also raps on social issues. He had recently brought the song 'Baluwatar Gher, Singha Durbar'. Similarly, Suraj Chhetri (Vyoma) and Deepak Kahar (D-1) have also recently brought rap songs on different topics - 'Dhaka Dhoti'. Suraj says that he used hip-hop music to end the discrimination between Pahadia and Madhesi. "I sang to change the way I look at the Madhes and not to discriminate between the hills and the Madhes," he said. If you go to a hill in Madhes, such behavior happens. We sang to end the misconceptions between the Madhes and the hills. '

Suraj says that Madhes has also done a new practice to show that they listen to hip-hop. 'This song should be heard. There is a lot of talk that hip-hop does not work in Madhes. We have also brought songs to remove those things. The main thing is that we can move Madhes forward through hip-hop as well, 'he said, adding that hip-hop is a reflection of society. So it is going on in the society. What we were seeing. We composed songs on the same subject in the usual way.

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