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Vamdev and Vishnu become Oli-Prachanda 'cooldown' factor: Oli flexible but not in mood to sign loan agreement

Kathmandu: The meeting of the Standing Committee on March 29 became very controversial for the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN). Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda resumed the meeting which was postponed by Chairman KP Oli as was the practice of two different parties. Rejecting the claim that the meeting of Prachanda and senior leader Madhav Nepal's standing committee was the same, Oli Khema termed it as a faction meeting. The growing bitterness between the two presidents led to a lack of communication. Although the standing committee meeting that started on July 26 was tense, the two chairpersons remained in dialogue before July 27. The CPN had also given the responsibility of resolving the dispute to the two chairpersons, but Prachanda did not consider it appropriate to sit in talks after the 13th of this month. And he didn't even take the initiative. Five days later, Oli agreed to meet Prachanda.
  Vamdev and Vishnu become Oli-Prachanda 'cooldown' factor: Oli flexible but not in mood to sign loan agreement

How is communication broken?

Though Oli Prachanda was in dialogue for a long time to settle the dispute, Prachanda pointed out that the dispute was escalating in the memory of Pushpalal on July 25. He said, 'The former UML was registered under the auspices of another president. The party is in crisis. He not only released the trailer of the growing controversy but also hinted that the meeting on December 28 could be tense. Because Oli wanted to cancel the meeting at any cost.

Due to the growing tension between the two presidents, there was no direct dialogue between them for five days. Instead, they kept sending messages from leaders of other factions. Prachanda sent a message to Oli to get ready to sit in the discussion if the way out comes through Bishnu Poudel. According to Surya Thapa, Press Advisor to the Prime Minister, there was no dialogue between Oli and Prachanda in the last five days. Instead, they sought to strengthen their counter-strategy. Prachanda kept instructing his faction leader not to turn left or right.

According to a leader close to Prachanda, Prachanda had instructed them to clear the lot for two days. On the other hand, KP Oli was also trying to figure out how to split the Prachanda faction. There was a glimpse of that - Bamdev Gautam's 6-point proposal and Oli's dinner meeting at Gautam's house on the 13th. While Oli was meeting the leaders of the Prachanda faction alone and in groups to increase the dialogue, he was rejecting Dahal. But Oli agreed to meet Prachanda through Bishnu Poudel. Gautam and General Secretary Vishnu Poudel were tasked to 'cool down' Prachanda-Oli, who was angry over the activities and expressions of another faction. According to sources, Bamdev had reached an agreement with Prachanda before bringing a six-point proposal. His proposal was to give the meaning to Executive Prachanda. But Oli described it as a tool to protect his position. Even on Wednesday, Prachanda came to an agreement. After that, it was Comrade Bamdev who made Prachanda fall. Bishnu Poudel had been lobbying on behalf of Oli for five days. Now Alice has become flexible on the executive day, 'the source said. However, Prachanda has been lobbying for the modality saying that the agreement was not followed before the executive.

 Jhalanath's bet

Now that the heavyweight leader of the CPN  is moving towards Prachanda, Oli's position has become unstable, but the leaders who are towards Prachanda have also started lobbying within their own faction. According to sources, Secretariat member Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal started strengthening his own faction. For that, he had held a secret meeting of the leaders of his faction a few days ago. Seeing that Dahal's role in the lobbying with Oli is secondary, he is strengthening his faction. Another heavyweight leader in the Prachanda-Madhav faction is Jhala Nath Khanal. He is now closer to Prachanda. He had gone with Oli to meet Oli on March 30. Though Madhav seems reluctant to meet Nepal, Jhalanath is also active in lobbying with Oli.

Though Prachanda has been given the role of executive chairman, the issue of handing over the ideological and organizational responsibility of the party to another leader till the general convention is also being discussed in Oli Prachanda's talks. Sources said that Jhalanath is now lobbying for that. But Madhav Nepal has not been active in lobbying Oli, Prachanda and Bamdev. Though he had said that he was in favor of unity, he would not accept it if he did not get a powerful position within the CPN .

Discussion of inclusion

Now the second tier leaders are demanding the reorganization of the secretariat and the standing committee. For that, their demand is to make the secretariat and standing committee inclusive. Sources claim that Narayan Kaji Shrestha, a member of the secretariat, is leading it. Leaders close to Prachanda said that Narayan Kaji was also looking for a faction within the party. 'Narayankaji has also raised his issue. The issue of inclusion has also come up through him but the issue has been raised by second tier leaders, 'the source said.

'Agreement Reaches Earthquake'

Giving information about the meeting between Oli and Prachanda on Sunday, Press Advisor to the Prime Minister Surya Thapa said that an agreement would be reached now. He said that Prachanda met Oli asking for time rather than calling him now. Although no agreement has been reached so far, various issues are being discussed, he said. "Talks and discussions are going on between our presidents. Now the agreement will be shaken by the earth, 'he said.

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