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The difference between the CPN and the Nepali Congress is only in name and not in practice

The Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) is the only party in Nepal carrying the agenda of Sanatan Hindu Rashtra and restoration of constitutional monarchy. RPP leader Rajendra Lingden, a member of the House of Representatives, says that even though there is public opinion on RPP's agenda, it has not been able to bring it in favor of the party. 
RPP claims that it is the only real opposition. 
Jagannath Dulal of Baharkhari talks to Linden about the assassination of the priest of Rautahat Hanuman Temple, the actions of the government and the role of the opposition party.

           नेकपा र कांग्रेस नाममा मात्रै फरक हुन् व्यवहारमा छैनन्

The RPP-affiliated fraternity has been staging daily protests against the killing of a Hanuman temple priest in Rautahat. How long will the protest continue?

It is very sad that a priest was killed. An order has been issued not to protest or protest against the killing of priests. The priest's murder should be investigated. The culprit should be searched, action should be taken. Until then, the movement will continue.

The religious sector has become a target in recent days. The government had to pay attention to that. Our party says that the religious sector should be protected. 

Is it the allegation of the people here that the government did not take the murder of the priest seriously? 

Yes, the government took it as a very common occurrence. Not only that, this incident seemed to be ignored by the government. Because in the circular issued by the government to prevent the protest, at least we would look for the killer and take action. This is the responsibility of the government. In the current situation, it would have been natural if there was a request not to protest. 

However, since there is a possibility of demonstrations on this issue, it is very wrong to say only to take action and stop it. 

The government seems to have come to the conclusion that it is indifferent towards Hinduism. What led you to such a conclusion? 
Hinduism and religious leaders are insecure, and the government seems indifferent to the protection of religious leaders. It is now the duty of the government to protect all religions and religious leaders. However, the government does not seem to be fulfilling its duty. The unwillingness to find the killer of the old priest of Hanuman temple also proves that. 

Nepal is now a secular nation. Is it possible to say that the government seemed indifferent towards Hinduism after secularism was written in the constitution? 

Within the definition of a secular constitution, it is said that it will be the duty of the state to preserve the eternal religion and culture. On that basis too, the state should take the issue we have raised seriously. The kind of attack on proselytizing, religious leaders and religious institutions now. This leads to a serious crisis in the religious sphere. 

You are also an MP from Jhapa. It has been two months since the government hastily ended the parliament. What do you say about that 

It is completely inappropriate for the government to run away from the parliament. Parliament is the center of the voice of the people. Now Kovid has such a problem. Keeping MPs without a role at this time is a problem for the government. Parliament could help the government. It also helped the government to make suggestions, to make necessary laws. 

The government seems to have aimed to run the government arbitrarily in the name of Kovid 19 by sidelining the parliament. 

If Parliament had gone, there would have been corruption in the railway scheme, in the procurement of health items. Even with a parliament, issues of corruption and irregularities could be raised. Parliament could have alerted the government about quarantine issues rather than building isolation wards. Could suggest He could have brought the government to the right place. The country was deprived of all that. 

The government seemed to want to adjourn the parliament. In the parliamentary system, the parliament is called the opposition. However, the main opposition party Nepali Congress has not shown any interest in opening the parliament, has it? 

Yes Now the main opposition party is weak and useless, so the country had to face this fate. If the main opposition was strong, it could demand a parliamentary session now. He also has numbers. 

Now the government and the main opposition, or the Congress and the Communists, are like two sides of the same coin. Nothing seemed different. Empty name, only signboard is different. In practice, the two seemed to be the same. 

What is your opinion about the railway contract?

Tender has been issued for the construction of railway line from Jhapa to Sunsari. The tender for the construction of the railway track is a model of policy corruption. The process of distributing compensation for the land to be made track beds has not started yet. Not only by getting the information, how much land has been acquired, how much price has been fixed, nothing has been finalized. Why was the contract signed without clearing the site? No one has answered this. It is clear that this style is being used to corrupt.  

Before this contract was signed, there should have been a debate and discussion about our priorities. But, that did not happen. Was the lane extension of the highway more important than the railway? I have questioned the idea of ​​signing a contract and taking an advance by ignoring the subject of such debates. 

Many had hoped that a strong two-thirds government would do a good job. People also had hopes with Prime Minister KP Oli. Looking at the government now, do you see any hope?

I did not expect this from the Prime Minister. The Nepali people did not expect the same from the Prime Minister. However, now the Prime Minister and this government have not done much. Not only that, now corruption has become institutionalized. The kind of corruption that exists from top to bottom is a mockery of the Prime Minister's commitment not to allow corruption. 

The Prime Minister has got a historic opportunity. This opportunity is not always available to anyone. I would like to urge you to use this as an opportunity to give the country a way out. In what circle, in what circle did you believe so much? I also want to say get out of it. 

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