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"सोह्र श्राद्ध" has been started

Kathmandu  : Sixteen shraddhas have started from today. According to the Vedic Sanatan Hindu classical tradition, the father is remembered with reverence and devotion before performing the festival and performing great deeds. Tenth, before the big festival celebrated by the followers of Sanatan Dharma like Tihar, sixteen shraddhas are started to remember the deceased father with reverence and devotion. There is a classical belief that the father lives in hope at this time.

        सुरु भयो सोह्र श्राद्ध

The afternoon time required for the sixteen shraddhas performed in the name of the deceased father on Ashwin Krishna's side every year has been fixed. Suryanath Pant, the almanac writer and editor of Toynath Pant's calendar, has taken the time of all the 16 dates as per the promise of performing sixteen shraddhas in the afternoon in various scriptures. 

Sixteen shraddhas this year due to the ban on coronavirus infection


It is difficult to go to the Brahmin host. This is especially the case in big cities including the Kathmandu Valley. There is concern that the corona may spread during circulation. Some locals have even issued public notices to perform shraddha electronically and not to call priests at home. When shraddha is stopped for any reason, there are many options given in the scriptures. There is a provision that sixteen shraddha kartas should be performed on the date of their father. According to the theologian Gautam, there is a scriptural saying that if you get stuck for any reason, you should do it from Ashwin Krishna Aunsi to Ashwin Shukla Panchami.


Ashwin Shukla Panchami falls on Wednesday, October 20, as there is a lunar month throughout the month of September this year. He said that those who are unable to perform shraddha in Bhadau's patriarchy, i.e. sixteen shraddhas due to corona, should do so from November 1 to 5.

If it is not possible to perform sixteen shraddhas even at this time due to various reasons, it can be done on the day of Kartik Krishna Aunsi i.e. Lakshmi Puja. If Kartik Krishna cannot be done even in Aunsi, then there is a classical opinion that it can be done by Scorpio Sankranti i.e. Mangsir. This option is now given for situations similar to those created by Corona.


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