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Top colleges did not believe in SEE results and asked for Class 8 and 9 results for admission

Kathmandu. Nepal's top colleges have changed the process of enrolling students in class 11 based on SEE results.      


Colleges have also asked for the results of class 8 and 9 for the admission process  St. Xavier's College, Maitighar, one of the top colleges in Nepal, has also asked the students to fill the entrance exam form before enrolling. 

In previous years, the college had only asked for SEE results for admission forms.

While the credibility of this year's SEE results is being questioned in the market, Nepal's top colleges have also been questioning this year's results.

Due to the Corona virus (Covid 19) epidemic, the results of this year's SEE examination were based on an internal assessment given by the school.

This year, 4 lakh 82 thousand 219 students across the country had prepared for SEE.

The exam, which was scheduled to be held from March 20, was postponed only a day before the exam due to Covid 19.

A meeting of the National Examination Board held on Monday, August 22 had made public the results of the SEE that evening.

As soon as the results became public, there were many comments. There were allegations that many parents were given higher marks by giving bribe, including the result of not giving the test.

It also shows where the 3 hour exam is in our society. For years, schools have been publishing results on the basis of internal assessments, but no questions have been raised from anywhere.

Colleges are now filling up online forms for the entrance exams as there is no decision on when to take admissions this year due to Corona. Some have already started charging fees for pre-registration with students.

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