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Transport Entrepreneur's announcement to run all public transport from Aaswin 1

The transport businessmen have announced to operate all public transport from September 20. The businessmen made the announcement while the government banned the operation of public transport in the name of corona control.


At a joint meeting of transport businessmen, the Department of Transport Management and three trade unions on Wednesday, the businessmen and trade unions have announced to run long and short distance transport from September 20 on the day of Vishwakarma Pooja.

Chairman of the Nepal Independent Transport Workers' Union Bhim Jwala Rai said that the government has been asked to provide alternatives for the operation of public transport.

He said that the department has been informed to operate the transport if the government does not facilitate the operation of the transport. "So far, we have been eating grains, but now we can't eat citamel," he said.

Director General of the Department of Transport Management Gogan Bahadur Hamal said that the decision should be taken by the Council of Ministers and not by themselves. He said that they have suggested that the traffic can be operated in the areas where corona infection is less.

However, transport operators have said that all safety measures will be taken while operating the transport.

"We will operate public transport by adopting all safety measures against the corona," said Yogendra Karmacharya, president of the National Federation of Nepali Transport Entrepreneurs.

He said that they have also prepared a protocol of the criteria to be adopted for security and submitted it to the department.

Long-distance vehicles have not been able to run after the lockdown on March 25. Entrepreneurs say that they have reached a state of depression as long distance vehicles have not been able to run for five and a half months.

In the meanwhile, short-distance vehicles came into operation for a few days after setting the criteria. 

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