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Skill training is self-reliant within the country

Kaski: Asmi Nepali, 22, of Kahu, Pokhara Metropolitan City-11, who decided to go to New Zealand six months ago, is currently decorating various paintings in a coffee at Vince Cafe in Pokhara-5, Malepatan. 

After planning to go abroad due to the corona virus epidemic, Asmi spends a month preparing coffee for the daily connoisseurs who have become skilled after taking senior training. He is stunned when he embarks on an unexpected business trip. 

A third-year graduate in management, the skills he learned during the lockdown have opened the door to this business. He says training has been a boon for him during this epidemic. 

'I didn't think I was going to do business. After the training, my thinking changed, my self-confidence increased and I started a business, 'says Asmi.

After Corona stopped planning to go abroad, he took training in his spare time. After receiving the training, he shared his thoughts on doing business with his brother. After talking to their sister, they both shared their plans with their mother. Asmi got significance after getting along with her mother.

He opened Vince Cafe and Fast Food in Pokhara Metropolitan City-5. You have to pay 18,000 rupees per month. He invested Sache's business in going abroad. 

Asmi, who has decided to go abroad, has now given employment to two people. 

Even at the time of the epidemic, there are 6,000 to 15,000 trades a month due to meeting the health standards. The success he got in the job after learning the skill has made him feel that it is better to learn the skill and start working at home instead of going abroad. 

Pawan Bogati, 21, of Birauta, Pokhara-17, who works at Lakeside-based Hotel Swiss International, also shares his experience of employment through technical education.

"I chose technical subject after getting SLC in 2072 BS. As Pokhara is a tourist city, I have studied hotel management subject from Pokhara Technical School for three years seeing the potential in this field. I am satisfied to get employment immediately.

Bogati says that the thinking of today's youth is to go abroad and see no possibility in the country.

"It's better to spend millions of rupees in the Gulf than to spend eight to ten hours in the Gulf eating sweets with your family in your own country," says Bogati. He suggests going abroad only after learning the skill. 

Similarly, there is another self-reliant youth in the country, Khushiram Chaudhary. Chaudhary, 25, of Harpal, Kanchanpur, came to Pokhara in 2071 BS to study hotel management. After completing a three-year course at Pokhara Technical School, he started working.

He currently works at the Himalayan Front Resort in Lamagaun, Pokhara. Chaudhary suggests other youths to take technical education along with the experience of getting employment through technical education. 

Concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on the tourism sector, Chaudhary is now optimistic that tourism activities will increase after the operation of domestic and international flights and road transport. He said that the government is also investing in loans from various trainings through youth self-employment program at minimum fee and argues that prosperity can be achieved if the youths are involved in it. 

Harkalal Shrestha, head of Pokhara Technical School, says that the interest of the youth towards technical and vocational education has been increasing recently. "In recent years, the interest of the youth towards technical education has been increasing. The interest of the youth towards it is also increasing as it is easy to get employment at home and abroad after learning the skill," says Shrestha. "Those who have less education or cannot study well than technical and vocational education." Viewers are now beginning to understand its importance, the demand is increasing.

He says that it is necessary to focus on the production of technical manpower as there is still a lack of skilled manpower in the required areas.  

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