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Due to the dispute over the transaction, a priest was killed

Rautahat. It has come to light that the murder of Shri Ram Sah, a priest of Hanuman Temple near Khesarhiya village in Madhavnarayan Municipality of Rautahat was due to a transaction dispute. The State 2 Police Office has revealed that Pujari Sah was killed during a dispute with a debtor over interest.                            


Shri Ram Sah, a 65-year-old priest of Hanuman Temple at Khesarhiya Chowk in Madhavnarayan Municipality-2 was shot dead in the conch on August 19. The motive behind the murder has been revealed after two accused were arrested on the charge of murder.

According to the police, the father of one of the accused Ram Naresh Patel had a dispute with the priest while paying the interest. Regarding the same issue, people including Naresh Ram Naresh Raut Patel and Bal Kumar Patel killed the priest. State Police Office Janakpur spokesperson Deputy Superintendent of Police Anshu Kumar Singh said.

According to the police, there have been disputes with priests and people including Ram Naresh Patel on various issues before. Two persons involved in the murder have been arrested while others are being sought, said DIG Dhiraj Pratap Singh.

A magnificent temple was being constructed at the site and on the
initiative of Federal MP Prabhu Sah, a new road was connected to the Gaur-Chandrapur road section from Dewahi Tol to Khesarhiya about five years ago. Also, two bridges were built on the nearby Kamdei river.
According to local Gangaram Patel, the road is being tarred due to a tender from the Ministry of Urban Development.

After the construction of the road, shops have been opened in the place. Three years ago, the priest had built the Hanuman temple with his own investment. After that, the market is held in the area two days a week on Sunday and Wednesday.
But the killing of the priest has caused panic in the area. For the development of the chowk and to increase the security and morale of the traders, on the initiative of MP Prabhu Sah, a magnificent Hanuman temple will be constructed at a cost of Rs 5.5 million and a police post will be set up.

According to the same plan, Maulapur Mayor Rinakumari Sah has already laid the foundation stone of Hanuman Temple at Khesarhiya Chowk a few days ago. The construction work of the temple will start in a few days, said Tribhuvan Sah, a member of CPN-Province 2 and a local social worker.

The process has been taken forward through the District Administration Office for the construction of a police post in the area. Chief District Officer Indradev Yadav, who arrived there on the occasion of laying the foundation stone of the temple, informed that the process has been started for the construction of a permanent police post for the security of Khesarhiya Chowk. Yadav informed that two policemen were on duty 24 hours a day for the security of the place.

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