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Kalapani: Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa has promised to bring a special package for the citizens of the Nepal-India border area

Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa has said that the government is preparing to bring a special package for the citizens living in the border area.

He made the remarks at a press meet at Khalanga, the district headquarters of Darchula, after visiting the Kalapani area.

"Border security cannot be achieved without proper management of the people in the border areas. The government has drawn attention to this issue. We are going to bring special programs for the people in the border areas," Thapa said.

He said that it was necessary to bring a special package to the people at the border to make them self-reliant and secure as the government alone could not protect the country's borders.

'Problem Solving Efforts Continued'

The Home Minister said that the government has been working for the last six decades to resolve the border issue.

Home Minister Thapa, who reached Chhangru in Darchula on Friday to inaugurate the Armed Police Force's Gulm No. 50 and lay the foundation stone of the building, was staying in Chhangru, a village near Kalapani on Friday night.

After inaugurating Gulm and laying the foundation stone of the building on Friday, Home Minister Thapa reached the doorsteps of the people of Chhangru and understood the problem.

Member of the House of Representatives Ganesh Singh Thagunna said that the government has assured to solve the problem by understanding the problems of the people.

Strategic area

Home Minister Thapa had said that the government has given importance to the Kalapani area as it is a trilateral border area, a strategic area and a potential tourist destination connecting Kailash and Mansarovar areas.

Thapa also said that the border administration office in Chhangru, which had been closed for the past few years, would be reopened and an immigration office would be set up there soon.

"I understand that the Indian government has given reservations to the people in various areas in the villages of Chhangru, Tinkar and other parts of India. We will also create special employment opportunities for the people of Nepal living on the border and create employment opportunities according to the wishes of the citizens," he said.

One night in Chhangru

Home Minister Thapa, who spent one night in Chhangru, said that there was a communication problem in the Beas area.

"Sky phone service is not going to work well. Soon the government will start the process of arranging communication in the diameter area," he said.

Home Minister Thapa is said to be the first high-level person to understand the problems of the citizens by taking a step there, even though the ministers of the Government of Nepal used to observe the Beas area by air in the past.

Minister Thapa's team included Thagunna, an elected member of the House of Representatives from Darchula, the Home Secretary, and senior security officials, including the Inspector General of the Armed Police Force.

Dispute with India remains

For some time now, the dispute between Nepal and India over the Kalapani region has remained unresolved.

Disputes with Nepal erupted after India changed the status of Jammu and Kashmir to include Limpiyadhura, Lipulek and Kalapani in its map made public in Kartik last year.

After Nepal's efforts for continuous talks, India expressed its intention to hold quantitative talks after resolving the epidemic crisis. But soon after, in April, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated a link road network connecting Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet, built in the Dharchula-Lipulek area claimed by Nepal, via video conference.

Nepal then not only made public the new map covering those areas, but also amended the constitution to include it in the national stamp in the constitution.

It is said that the military strategic importance of the region is also increasing at a time when the military tension between India and China is escalating.

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