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Forgiveness worship of Machhindranath Rath Yatra completed

Lalitpur. The long-delayed Rato Machhindranath Rathyatra has been pardoned today. The apology of the Machhindranath Rathyatra, which was stopped for a long time due to the risk of corona virus infection, was performed at 9.30 am today. 


The rath yatra has not been able to take place due to the four-month-long lockdown and the ban issued from September 19. The government has been urging people not to overcrowd due to the risk of global corona virus infection. There was a scuffle with the police yesterday after the local youths broke the ban saying that they should be allowed to do rath yatra. Curfew has been imposed in Lalitpur today.

Stakeholders have come to the conclusion that the rath yatra should be completed by worshiping at the request of the local administration as the risk of infection increases. A meeting of stakeholders was held after the clash between the locals and the police on Thursday.

The meeting has decided to visit Kshma Puja today, pull the chariot up to Sohrakhuttepati on September 7 and visit the site to celebrate Bhujya. According to Chandra Maharjan, coordinator of the Bungadya: Jatra Management Task Force, it has been decided to take Bungmati to Machhindranath on the date of release.

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