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'Clean Feed' will be implemented from Kartik 8

Kathmandu. The 'Clean Feed', means a foreign channel without advertisements, will be aired from Kartik 8. While the issue of implementing clean feed for foreign television channels broadcasting in Nepal has been under discussion for some time now, it is now being implemented.

Secretary for Information and Communication Technology Hari Prasad Basyal has said that clean feed will be implemented in Nepal from Kartik 8 as per the provisions of the Advertising Act-2076 BS. According to Basyal, the clean feed will be implemented as per the stipulated time. He said that the necessary process has been completed for this.

Once implemented, advertisements will not be available on foreign television channels broadcasting in Nepal. Article 6 of the Advertising Regulation Act, which was passed by the parliament last October and published in the Gazette, has a provision to implement clean feed within a year.

"Foreign television channels broadcasting in Nepal are required to broadcast without advertisements," said Article 6 of the Act.

Accordingly, the ministry has completed the preparations, said Secretary Basyal. "Complete clean feed will be implemented," says Basyal. "There is no dilemma. The work will be done according to what is mentioned in the law.

However, some time ago, the Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF), an Indian television channel  , sent a letter to the Government of Nepal urging it not to implement the Clean Feed Policy for another six months .

Regarding the letter, Secretary Basyal said, "I don't know where it came from. Has not arrived with us. It may be in the interest of some organizations and individuals. But, clean feed will be implemented. '

The IBF had written a letter urging not to implement clean feed in the current situation of Covid-19.

The IBF had sent a letter to the Secretary of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Hari Prasad Basyal, requesting to postpone the implementation of the policy for six months in view of the current dire situation.

However, Secretary Basyal said that there would be no delay in the implementation.

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