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Greater Nepal Nationalist Front objects to the use of Gurkha army against China

Kathmandu. Chairman of the Greater Nationalist Front, Phanindra Nepal, has objected to India's use of the Gurkha army against Nepal's China.


He said that India was trying to destabilize Nepal-China relations by mobilizing about 4,000 Gurkha troops including Development Battalion, 3/9 GR and 4/1 GR against Chinese troops.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Chairman of the Behora Morcha, Phanindra Nepal, requested the government to cancel the trilateral agreement on Gurkha recruitment dated November 9, 1947 and issue an order for the Nepali youth working there to return to Nepal.

The statement said:

This ironic war that Nepal has to fight on the side of India against China, the closest friend of Nepal and Nepalese, will force Nepal to become an enemy of China.

"Therefore, the Greater Nepal Nationalist Front is adamant that Nepal should take effective precaution before the situation escalates and that is to cancel the Gurkha recruitment agreement."

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