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Work on the 14th floor of the Dharhara is nearing completion, costing Rs 1.13 billion so far

Kathmandu: Work on the 14th floor of the Dharhara has reached its final stage. Work is in full swing in the tower even after the ban was lifted.               

The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has stated that the 14th floor (seer wall) will be completed by Saturday (tomorrow). Rajuman Manandhar, a property expert of NEA and who has been overseeing the reconstruction of the Dharhara, informed that the work of the 14th floor slope will be completed by the 25th of next month. 

Last week, the work on the slope of the 13th floor of the tower was completed. NEA claims that one floor of the tower is being demolished every 14 days. 

Dharhara will have 22 floors. From the outside, the tower will be visible from the 11th floor. According to Manandhar, who has been overseeing the reconstruction of the Dharhara, about 65 percent of the Dharhara construction work has been completed.

"The 14th floor of the Dharhara is nearing completion," he said.

About 150 workers have been working regularly for the reconstruction of the tower since the lockdown. Workers who had been working on the reconstruction of the tower had gone home after the government started the lockdown on March 25. But the workers were brought to Kathmandu after the timber was loosened. His corona is tested and assigned to work. 

"There was some delay in the work during the lockdown," said Manandhar, an expert. According to him, along with the reconstruction work of the Dharhara, the earthquake museum and the basement of the car park are also being constructed. Underground parking will be provided on three floors.

The Dharhara had collapsed due to the earthquake of 2072 BS. The old Dharhara has been preserved. Reconstruction of the tower began three years after the quake. The tower will cost around Rs 3.48 billion. According to NEA, Rs 1.13 billion has been spent on the Dharhara so far.

The new Dharhara being constructed in an area of ​​42 ropanis will be wider than the previous tower. Parking, garden, museum, exhibition hall etc. will be constructed in the new tower. There will be a small hall on the 18th floor. In this hall, videos of earthquake related materials can be seen. The Reconstruction Authority aims to complete all these works by mid-December. The historic Dharhara was built by Bhimsen Thapa. 

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