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Nepal-China border dispute: Pillar No. 11 found after 58 years

Ashoj 8, Surkhet. Border post number 11 on the border between China and Nepal has been found after 58 years. A team led by Humla Chief District Officer Chirinjivi Giri found the border post on Wednesday.

Chairman of Namkha Village Municipality Bishnu Bahadur Tamang informed quoting the district security officer found at the border post Namkha Village Municipality-6 Takule. According to him, border post number 11 has been found at a height of 5200 meters above the border police post, Hilsa.
Even though boundary pillar found, it is not yet clear whose territory the Chinese-built buildings belongs to, says Namkha Village Chairman Bishnu Bahadur Tamang. 
"I have spoken to a team of security personnel, including the chief district officer," village chairman Tamang told Online Khabar.

A team led by Chief District Officer of Humla Chirinjivi Giri had gone to Lolchang area of ​​Lapcha in Namkha Village Municipality-6 to study the building constructed by China. After talks with Chinese officials in Lolungjong failed, a team led by Prajia Giri left for Hilsa.

The border with Nepal and China was disputed time and again due to the loss of border post number 11. A team of security personnel considered the search as the ultimate goal and deployed two teams of security personnel from the Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force and National Investigation at the border.

After a three-day search, the missing pillar was found through the tireless efforts of security personnel and some locals, said Chairman Tamang.

A team of security personnel including the Chief District Officer has not yet returned from the border area. Despite the discovery of the border post, it is not yet clear who owns the border building constructed by China, said Chairman Tamang.

'The border post has been found. However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

As soon as the news of China's construction of buildings on Nepali land became public, both the Government of Nepal and the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu have clarified that China has not encroached on Nepali land.

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