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The army opened the track on the way to Chhangru from Nepal, ending the compulsion to go from India

Darchula: The Nepal Army has opened a dirt road track on a steep rocky outcrop in Ghantibagar area of ​​Vyas. The army, which started work on May 22, has opened a 550-meter road track. The army was tasked to open the road after the road was blocked in the Ghantibagar area by India during the construction of the road.

After taking more than four months, the army has opened the road track in an awkward place. According to Nepal Army spokesperson and aide Santosh Ballabh Poudel, the opening of the track was delayed due to inclement weather, difficult rocky terrain and delay in transportation of goods. 'The track has been opened by bursting. The cleaning work will be completed within a day or two, 'he said.

With the opening of this road, the road has become easier for the residents of Beas who are considered dangerous. Residents of Chhangaru and Tinkar of Vyas visit Khalanga Kuncha, the district headquarters, in the month of Kartik. There are 117 households in Chhangaru and 87 in Tinkar. Harak Singh Karki, a resident of Vyas-2, said that the road has been constructed in such a way that the locals can move around easily despite some delays due to the rocky geography. He said that the track was well opened on the road constructed by the army in Ghantibagar and the road was blocked again in four or five other places.

A large landslide has occurred under the army camp in Ghantibagar. Karki, who returned to Khalanga after reaching Tinkar, said that it was very difficult for him to move around the area. Vyasi Kuncha can't move right now until the bottom road is cleared. Although the road is being paved in Tobacco through the budget of Beas village, it is not likely to be opened due to the hard rock. He said that even now the river has to be crossed through the rocky terrain with the help of wire.

Similarly, the newly constructed road near Tobacco has all collapsed. A suspension bridge has overflowed in Kaljugad and the road below and above Kaljugad has collapsed. He said that the road to Vyas would be opened easily only if roads could be constructed everywhere. As there is no road below tobacco, sheep traders returning from Vyas are now stuck in a quagmire.

Spokesperson of the Nepal Army Poudel said that the army is preparing to start the road construction work as soon as the road is opened. He informed that the army would set up camps in two places and start road construction. He said, "The study is being done through a consultant now." The Army, which has been entrusted with the construction of the road section, has started the work of Detailed Project Report (DPR).

According to the Army Headquarters, an army team led by Chief Fighter Ramesh Gurung from the Development Construction Corps has been in Khalanga since July 8 to prepare the DPR of the motor road. It has been said that roads should be constructed along the banks of the Mahakali River. According to the locals, Vyasi's dream will be fulfilled if the road is constructed.

There is a lot of potential for religious tourism in this region. Many tourist areas including Kailash Parbat Darshan, trade with China, Apihimal are included in this area. "Residents of Chhangaru and Tinkar have not been able to come to Khalanga district headquarters as there is no road now. People living in the district headquarters have not been able to return to the village. After the government issued a map including the geography of Kalapani, Lipulek and Limpiyadhura encroached by India, the people here are also able to move through Nepal's land.

The Vyasis live in Khalanga, the district headquarters, for six months every year. At present, the Armed Police Force is stationed in Chyasaru of Vyas. As there is no road, the Armed Police Force has to wait for a helicopter to transport food through Nepal.

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