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Supreme Court orders not to demolish Bhimsen Thapa's brother's house

Bhadra 30, Kathmandu. The Supreme Court has ordered not to demolish the house of Ranbir Singh Thapa (Swami Abhayananda), brother of Mukhtiar Bhimsen Thapa, at Lagan in Kathmandu.

A single bench of Justice Sushmalatha Mathema has issued a short-term interim order not to demolish the 200-year-old stone quarry. In the order, the opposition has been asked to appear with evidence within 15 days except the time limit.

On behalf of Janhit Samrakshan Manch, Senior Advocate Prakash Mani Sharma and Treasurer of National Vibhuti Bhimsen Thapa Memorial Foundation Sushil Vikram Thapa opposed the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Office of the Chief of Army Staff, National Reconstruction Authority and Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward No. 21. The writ was registered.

In the order of the Supreme Court, it has been said that the petition should be kept for a specified period of time without any kind of construction work including demolition and removal of debris in the Silkhana area.

The Supreme Court has fixed the writ petition for the next 8 September. Dinesh Tripathi, a senior advocate who argued on behalf of the petitioner, said that the Kathmandu Municipal Corporation had tried to destroy a building of historical and archeological importance in the name of constructing a log park.

The first palace covered with gold!

According to the date mentioned in the mural of the world in the building, this structure was built in B.C. Built in 1876. It is considered to be the first palace in Nepal to be covered with gold and has six gates.

The palace was registered in the name of the Government of Nepal on 23 December 2044. Since then, it has been used and protected by the Nepal Army. It was destroyed by the great earthquake of 2072 BS.

The chaitya with the inscription of Chakrabardendra Malla, son of King Pratap Malla is preserved in this palace. According to the officials of the Bhimsen Thapa Foundation, the rare paintings of the world are kept in the National Museum for the purpose of connection after the reconstruction of the building.

It seems that the Department of Archeology has given permission to the corporation to carry out the construction work on 19 June 2077 without affecting the old foundation. The petitioners say that the originality of the building will be destroyed during the construction work.

"Even if the foundation is preserved underground, the foundation alone cannot sustain the existence of the monument, and that decision is contrary and arbitrary to the Ancient Monuments Preservation Act and the universal principle of conservation and restoration," the petition said.

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