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Prime Minister, the bond of patience of ordinary Nepalis may burst at any time: Gagan Thapa

KATHMANDU: Former Health Minister Gagan Thapa, a member of the main opposition Congress, has said that the government has not shown any presence in the prevention, control and treatment of coronavirus (Covid-19) infection. 

Stating that the political leadership in the government was not seen during the crisis, Thapa said that the problem would not be solved only by imposing a ban through the Chief District Officer. Announcing the release on social media, he said it was time to question the effectiveness and presence of the government leadership in the crisis. He questioned Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ishwar Pokharel and Health and Population Minister Bhanubhakta Dhakal. Deputy Prime Minister Pokharel Corona is the head of the government mechanism leading the infection control.

‘The government’s presence in terms of the Corona epidemic is found in only two places. "The political leadership of the country, hidden behind the faces of the employees, is in isolation in Baluwatar," Thapa said. He added, "Parliament is closed, the government does not say a word, all means of conveying the issue of common people and people's representatives to the government are closed." And looking at the announcement of the prisoners and the face of the spokesperson, should we assume that there is a government? '

Thapa has criticized what is coming through the progenitors. Referring to the suggestion made by Narayan Prasad Bhatt of Lalitpur that a ban should be imposed till the 10th and Janak Raj Dahal of Kathmandu suggested that the army should be mobilized at the border of the valley, Thapa wrote, Since the government has handed over the responsibility of issuing the injunction at the district level to the district administration office, the CDOs may also be of the opinion that they are the ones who know and decide on this issue. But in the current situation where the opinion presented by the detainees and the government has given all the responsibilities to the detainees, it is necessary to seriously discuss and raise questions regarding the current injunction being issued by the district administration.

Thapa expressed dissatisfaction over the exercise of the right to restraint on issues related to public health even though the prisoners have the right to maintain peace and security. If the ban is necessary from the point of view of public health, should the district administration and the people be asked to implement it? However, it is unfortunate that the political leadership has tried to evade by ignoring the issue of public health and imposing the responsibility of making all decisions on the body implementing sensitive issues such as prohibition. This weakens the fight against the epidemic. '

According to Thapa, the CDO and the spokesperson left the injured due to disease and hunger. He also urged to stop the act immediately. "The political leadership, which is hiding behind the CDO and the spokesperson, should dare to come out of the ditch and communicate with the people," he urged the government. If the government thinks that the solution can be found by announcing the corona-update from the mouth of the spokesperson of the ministry, then, Prime Minister, the bond of patience of the common Nepali may burst at any time.

Thapa warns that if the government does not listen to the people in the current situation of the country, the situation will be dire. He wrote, "Don't put a gun on the shoulder of an employee and shoot only the bullet of prohibition towards the people." If this continues, the people will stop listening to the government. In the current situation of Corona, if the people do not listen to the government, the country will be in a big crisis.

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