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The youth of Biratnagar came out in support of Dr. KC

Biratnagar. Dr. In support of Govinda KC's satyagraha, agitations are taking place in many parts of the country. It has been 13 days since he started his satyagraha demanding improvement in medical education. Supporting Dr. KC's life and demand, the youths of Biratnagar have also expressed their solidarity in a different way. With the satyagraha, the youths went on a hunger strike in the streets with various slogans of support for 100 minutes.

Youths from different parts of Biratnagar have participated in the program led by the Youth Congress.

What does freedom of speech mean to the government? He said that the recent behavior of the government was dictatorial. Sabin Dahal, coordinator of Youth Congress Province 1, had expressed solidarity with the demand raised by Dr. KC.

In the protest, the youths called on Dr. Various placards with KC's photo were used. They used face masks and expressed the feeling that there are hundreds of thousands of Dr. KC here.

The youths presented the program in a different way and the performers in the guise of Dr. KC and various government bodies also staged a peaceful demonstration.

As the health of Dr. KC was deteriorating, the protesting youths demanded that the government come to the talks as soon as possible.

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