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'Acid smugglers face up to 20 years in jail, will not leave even a second ‍

Kathmandu: Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Shivamaya Tumbahamphe has said that a new ordinance has been issued to exempt acid attackers under any circumstances.

Stating that President Vidyadevi Bhandari had issued an ordinance on Monday stating that the perpetrators of acid attack would be severely punished, Minister Tumbahamphe said that the law stipulates 20 years imprisonment for the attackers and the sentence should be reduced to 20 years.

"Strict action is taken even if a drop or two falls on a person's body. There is no provision for imprisonment for a second for an acid attacker," he said. The attacker must be jailed for 20 years under any circumstances, ”said Minister Tumbahamphe.

Stating that the law has been brought to reduce the acid attack on both men and women, he said that there is a provision to lodge a complaint at any time after the acid attack. Minister Tumbahamphe said that the issue would be heard on priority basis even if a complaint was lodged on any date after the attack. 

He said, "There is no provision to withdraw the case, there is no pardon, there is no imprisonment, you have to stay in jail for as long as you are told."

Similarly, Engineer Ujjwal Thapa described acid attack as a serious crime and said that the government has done something to be proud of in South Asia by enacting laws. Although the incidence of acid attacks in Nepal is less than in neighboring countries, Thapa said that the government has done a commendable job by bringing strict laws. 

"According to government figures, 19 people have been killed in 17 incidents in Nepal. This number is lower than in neighboring countries, but I am grateful to the government of Nepal for enacting such strict laws," said Thapa. 

He said that the sale should be stopped completely as there is no use of acid at home. However, he said that the government should create an environment to use the industry as per its requirements.

Stating that the implementation side is weak in Nepal no matter how strict the law is, Engineer Thapa urged the government to place special emphasis on the implementation side. 

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