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The Indian SSB stopped throwing stones after the presence of the armed police at the border increased

Ashoj 15, 2077 BS,  Kathmandu: The Indian Border Security Force (BSF) has stopped throwing stones at the Border Outpost (BOP) on the Nepal side after the Armed Police Force (APF) increased its presence on the Nepal-India border.

After the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in India, the Indian SSB mobilized people and pelted stones and attacked the BOP to stop those trying to enter Nepal by taking advantage of the open border. Since March 11, Indian nationals coming to Nepal have attacked the temporary camp of the Armed Police Force 11 times. Nepal's BOP was attacked not only by Indian nationals but also by the Indian Border Security Force (BSF).

But now that the armed forces have increased their security presence in the border area, the Indian side has stopped attacking the BOP. Raju Aryal, DIG and spokesperson of the Armed Police Force, said, “It has been two months now. Our team is doing its duty. '

Armed camps in 163 places  

According to Aryal, 163 Border Outposts (BOPs) of the Armed Police Force have been set up for border security.

"Armed BOPs are being set up for border defense in the disputed areas. So far we have settled in 163 places, 'he said.

Most of the armed camps are temporary, blown away by the wind. The government has long ago decided to have an armed BOP on the Nepal side of the border area with Indian SSB. 

Looking for a place to keep BOP in Namkha of Humla

The Armed Police Force (APF) is set to set up a BOP in Namkha, Humla, where China is said to have built a building across the border. According to Aryal, a BOP will be set up in Lapcha Lake soon.

A team of the Armed Police Force (APF) is preparing to set up a BOP in Takchi Valley, 25 km from the border post No. 12 on the Nepal side. "It is not certain that it will be set up here," said Aryal. "The BOP will be set up soon." Our team is inspecting. ' 

According to the Armed Forces, the area where the BOP will be established will be more than 4,000 meters above sea level. A BOP of the armed forces has been set up at Hilsa Naka in Humla, which borders China.

There are 22 security personnel led by Inspector Suraj KC of the Armed Police Force. They are regularly patrolling the area with border posts. Hilsa's BOP is in a concrete building. The post, located at an altitude of 3,600 meters, will be armed even in winter.

What is happening in Susta? 

Susta of Nawalparasi is also the most bordering region of Nepal. "India has set up seven army camps around Susta," said Ram Prasad Pandey, chief of Susta village. "Nepal has only two camps." Despite both, the people have been greatly relieved. Otherwise, he would come from Uta and harass the people by causing them grief. It's because Corona hasn't been able to come here now.

The Indian camps are not on the Indian side, the Indian Border Security Force (IBSF) camps are on the 7-kilometer side of Nepal, which is more than ten kilometers away from Nepal. Nepalis have not been able to use this land.

What is happening in Kalapani? 

The challenge is to bring back the land as soon as Nepal issues a new map including Lipulek, Limpiyadhura and Kalapani areas encroached by India.

Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa (Badal) this week laid the foundation stone of the 12-month-old Armed Police Force (APF) building in the strategically important area about 12 km south of the Kalapani area where Indian troops have encroached.

At present, the armed forces are camping in a rented house. According to locals, Indian security personnel have also stepped up surveillance after Nepali security personnel were deployed in the border area.

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