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Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala's famous story is 'Enemy'. In it, one night, someone strikes the 'most gentleman' and eminent man of the village, Krishna Ray. Coincidentally, the stick does not hit him, but the stick breaks against the wall. The assailant may have escaped without being seen.

Suddenly, many enemies appear in the mind of Krishna Rai, who is living in the satisfaction of not making anyone his enemy in life. When police arrive the next day, he names several as possible attackers. Here is the next story.

Police Inspector Prabal Karki took out a white glove from the pocket of the pint and put it on both hands and lifted both the pieces of the broken stick and put them in a polythene bag. Sub-Inspector Roshan Rauniyar grabbed the bag and went out quietly and started looking around the window.

"Did the assailant run out of the window?" Karki's question was.

Krishna Ray said, 'I told you, I was going to sleep at night with the lights off. There was a sudden attack. By the time I woke up, the assailant had fled. '

"Didn't you beg anyone?"

'The mind did not work for a long time. Then I fell asleep. '

"Don't worry, we will find the culprit," said Karki. "Instead, you should drive to the police station and register a complaint."

At the police station, 'Do you suspect anyone?' When asked, Krishna Roy replied as seriously as he had said before at home, 'Rame, Balbhadra, Kedar Yuvak, Govind Pandit, Kanhaiya Master, Budhe, Leela, Pushparaj, Ram Chandra Parajuli.'

After giving him tea and saying goodbye, Rauniyar said, 'The old man must be obeyed. How could he sleep peacefully even after such an attack? If I had, I would not have been able to blink my eyes all night. '

Karki just said 'yes'. His eyes were focused on the piece of stick. In an instant, he started biting the dot pen. Something new started to play in his mind that he had an old habit of biting the dot pen. After a while, he took a deep breath and said, 'Send this stick to the fingerprint expert. Send a glass of tea with the old man. We have to go to the scene once again. '

When they reached Krishna Rai at around 5 pm, he had gone out to visit the village as usual. The only servants in the house were Rame and Bhanse Bahuni. Both of them said that they came to know about the incident only after the police arrived the next day. The old man's adopted son Pushparaj was not at home.

Krishna was not a child of Ray. His wife passed away two years ago. To make up for the lack of children, he adopted his distant nephew Pushparaj. He was a little overbearing and extravagant. A week ago, he had a quarrel with Krishna Rai for not buying a new bicycle. After that, Ray did not speak to the old man. Krishna Rai's sister lived in a nearby town. On the day of the stick scandal, he put half a sack of mangoes on his old bicycle and said, 'I will take the mangoes to my aunt.'

There was a dog in the backyard. Seeing him sitting quietly, Karki asked, 'Doesn't it pay?'

"You don't pay during the day, sir," Rame informed. Then he gets hungry. No one is allowed to step around the house all night. ' "But last night it didn't go hungry either," said the cook. After returning to the post, Rauniyar argued, 'The person throwing the stick must be a relative of the old man. Otherwise, the dog would be hungry. '

"You're right," said Karki.

The next day, after a long day of running, the two brothers discovered many things. Accordingly:

There are people who look after the accounts of Bal Bhadra Krishna Roy. It is learned that the old man quit his job two weeks ago after finding out that he had tampered with the accounts. Her son was getting married last night. That too with the name of Krishna Ray, with the daughter of Ram Chandra Parajuli of Pallo village. Govinda Pandit and Kanhaiya Master were also present. All four stayed up all night.

A young man from Kedar came to Krishna Rai a month ago to ask for a job, but the old man did not hire him. He was admitted to the hospital three days ago after a bus accident. Both legs were broken. It is learned that Budhe Nokar, who was fired by Krishna Roy on the charge of dishonesty, was caught stealing in another village and imprisoned. Leela is Krishna Rai's brother, uncle's son. He had gone on a pilgrimage with five villagers.

Karki and Rauniyar concluded that none of them had attacked Krishna Ray with a stick. Doubt then naturally centered on Pushparaj.

He returned to the village in the evening of the same day and was immediately brought to the post. He said, "A friend from the city told me that a new movie has come. He admitted to fighting with the old man on the pretext of cycling, but said, 'How can I attack my own father?'

The next day Inspector Karki went to the city. The city near the Indian border was also the district headquarters. He collected a fingerprint report from the District Police Office along with a piece of stick. Her eyes began to glaze over after reading the report. He reached Krishna Rai's sister with a dot pen.

As Karki was about to give her tea, she saw a piece of stick in the polythene bag she was hanging on.

'Do you know this stick?' Karki was surprised.

'Why don't you recognize me, father, six months ago I brought ten rupees from Dehradun and brought it to Krishna Bhai. No one has a stick with such a pattern here. I had my brother's name engraved under the handle of the stick. Don't believe it!

Needless to say, 'Krishna' is written in fine letters under the place where the stick is held. Karki started biting the dot pen again.

When he returned to the village, Rauniyar said, 'Let's arrest that flower immediately. He is the one who throws the stick. There is a reason for that, there is a purpose and his behavior is questionable. '

Karki said 'Ah ...' and sent for Krishna Rai and Pushparaj. When they arrived, he ordered Rauniyar to knock on the door of his office, ordering him not to let anyone else in. And, in a solemn voice, announced, 'I have found out who this bully is.'

Krishna Rai looked at him in amazement. There was fear in Pushparaj's eyes and happiness in Rauniyar's eyes. He stood up in his chair to catch Pushparaj. Karki rolled his eyes at Krishna Ray and said, 'What drama have you done? That he broke his stick and attacked himself, and hurt us for no reason? '

Now the fear in Pushparaj's eyes shifted to Krishna Ray's eyes. Rauniyar was confused.

Karki said, 'I felt unbelievable at the beginning that such a strong stick was broken by hitting a brick wall. Of course, events and circumstances have given enough space to cast doubt on Pushparaj. But my mind was doubting. The fingerprint report confirmed my suspicions. There is no fingerprint of anyone on the stick except Krishna Rayaji. Experts have confirmed that the fingerprints on the tea glass and on the stick belong to the same person. On top of that, after my sister showed me the proof that this stick belongs to my brother, there is no doubt that this is all your drama. '

Rauniyar's eyes widened in surprise. He was thinking, 'What kind of a ruler is this, he always finds the culprit in a way I never imagined.'

Krishna Rai was wearing Ghosemunto and looking at the ground silently. Karki shouted, "This is a conspiracy to deceive the law. You will be punished for this. '

Krishna Rai was terrified. With tears in his eyes, he folded his hands and said, 'I made a mistake, father. Wisdom is spoiled by daylight. There will be no such mistake in the future. Save my honor once and for all. There is a request. '

The atmosphere became very serious. Pushparaj also requested the old man to apologize.

"It's more of a mental problem than a crime," Karki's voice softened. That's why I leave it once. Don't lose your wisdom in the future. Let's go, let's withdraw the complaint. '

Krishna Rai was shaking hands, Karki smiled, 'I don't ask you why you did this. But tell me one thing, how did you break such a strong stick? '

"My strength would not have broken it, father ‍ I would have had to use another intellect," the old man whispered.

Purification: The story 'Enemy' was first published in 1995. At that time, tea was not common in Nepal. There were no posts like police inspector or sub-inspector. There were no 'fingerprint experts'. There was no dot pen, no polythene bag, no white gloves in the police pocket, etc. Therefore, if the subject or context does not have another meaning, it would be reasonable to understand it as an answer story written in the year 2077, 82 years later.

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