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Nepal-India-China border: More than double the number of police posts in the border area in two years

According to police officials, Nepal is expanding the Border Police Post (BOP) to monitor the border with India and China more than 100 percent.

At present, 221 BOPs are being set up in the border areas of India and China within a year with the aim of setting up and constructing new structures.

The government aims to increase that number to 500 within two years.

The Chief of the Armed Police Force said that the issue of border security has been given priority and if the work is done at the current pace, the posts will be set up within two years.

Nepal has an open border of 1,880 km in three directions with India and 1,414 km in the north with China.

Boundary dispute

The latest statement from the Armed Police Chief came at a time when details of border disputes with both India and China were coming to light at the local level.

The government, which has handed over the responsibility of border security to the Armed Police Force, had set up a border post near Kalapani this year.

In addition, security officials say that the presence of armed police in the border areas of both China and India is increasing.

The Armed Police Force is currently setting up BOP outposts in different parts of the country for border security

On September 3, the Armed Police Force (APF) set up a BOP outpost in Salakpur, Ilam, which is connected to India.

Though it was said that 35 armed policemen would be deployed under the command of the police inspector, due to lack of manpower, 25 armed policemen have been deployed under the command of the deputy inspector of police in the BOP.

A few days ago, BOPs of the Armed Police Force were established in Chivabhanjyang of Panchthar, Bhaise and Samalbung of Ilam.

The Armed Police Force (APF) also set up a BOP in Pathamari, Jhapa on September 6.

Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Banshi Dahal informed that BOPs will be set up in Nakalbanda and Jamirgadhi of Jhapa, which were connected to India a decade ago.

Inspector General of Armed Police Shailendra Khanal said that work is underway with the plan to set up 500 BOPs in the border areas with China and India.

Additional manpower 'required'

The Armed Police Force now has about 37,000 manpower.

Inspector General Khanal said that the same manpower will reach the target of 221 BOPs set for this year.

He said, "Manpower will be enough for the BOP which has been established this year. But for all BOPs to be established, 10,000 manpower should be added.

According to Deputy Inspector General of Police Raju Aryal, spokesperson of the Armed Police Force, 165 BOPs have been established so far.

According to Inspector General Khanal, 50 people have been deployed at the big checkpoints and at least 35 at the small checkpoints.

Officials of the Armed Police Force (APF) have said that the BOPs in the border areas with China and India have been rented out and set up in government offices.

In some places, the locals have started the process of setting up an office by providing free land, said Inspector General Khanal.

He said, 'We are making it in detail. Now we are renting a house and setting it up. We are also using customs offices in some places.

He informed that 70 old BOPs are in the process of being tendered this time.

Armed police live at the border with weapons

It is difficult to differentiate between Nepal and India in Pathamari of Jhapa's southern Kachankawal village municipality.

The lower house is in India, the upper house is in Nepal, and the border between the two countries is the courtyard.

The Armed Police Force is currently setting up a BOP near the border dispute.

Officials of the Armed Police Force (APF) have said that armed police have started occupying such BOPs with weapons.

Earlier, there were reports of armed police firing in the air during a dispute in the border area.

Inspector General Khanal said, "We have deployed armed armed police on our behalf."

Border security

Border experts say that the process of setting up BOPs of the Armed Police Force on the border with China and India will help in border protection.

According to Budhinarayan Shrestha, a border expert, the presence of armed police on the Nepal side will ensure border security.

Shrestha said, 'As much as it has been crushed, it has been crushed. It helps to keep others from slipping. '

Shrestha said that there was no further dispute in the border area where the border security post has already been set up.

But he says that the issue of crossing the border in the past should be looked at separately.

He said, "That issue should be resolved through separate initiatives." When the armed police stand at the border with weapons, the people there can feel security.

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