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Insects found in 'Aqua Freedom' water jar: Letter to the department to take action against the industry selling unhealthy water

Kathmandu. Insects have been found in a jar of drinking water called Aqua Freedom. Insects have been found in the sealed jar of Aqua Freedom produced by Siddhilakshmi Aqua Water Industry at Mulpani-8, Kageshwari Manohara Municipality, Kathmandu District.

The National Consumer Forum has demanded the Department of Commerce, Supplies and Consumer Protection and the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control to take immediate action against the company that seriously jeopardizes the health of consumers by producing and selling substandard water.

The forum has written to the concerned department to take immediate action against the company selling substandard water saying that the department has not been able to monitor and take effective action in the face of repeated complaints from the general consumers about the price, quality and distribution of drinking water distributed by the private sector.

The company in a letter issued by the chairman of the forum Premlal Maharjan

It has also been mentioned that the quality of treated drinking water has not been determined as per the Food Act, 2023 BS, the guideline 2074 on treated drinking water production standards has not been followed and unfair trade has been done as per Article 16 of the Consumer Protection Act, 2075 BS.

The forum alleges that Siddhilakshmi Aqua Water has been selling substandard water and cheating consumers by selling water above the stipulated market price.

The forum has stated that the company has been selling and distributing water at a maximum price of Rs 60 per liter even though the department has fixed the maximum retail price of drinking water on Shrawan 24 so that the maximum retail price of 20 liters of water cannot be more than Rs 50.

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