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Two families uprooted by smugglers

The tears of 50-year-old Kalawati BK of Rehabilitation Municipality-6 of Kanchanpur have not stopped.

Drowning in the pain of losing her son, she curses God, 'Oh God! What was wrong with my Govinda. I had a piece of my heart. Why don't you take me first? ' 

The condition of Pooja BK (21) is similar in one corner of the unfinished house. Her voice has stopped coming out of her mouth, which was disturbed by her husband Viyog when she was young. Wife Pooja is feeling that the sun of life has set forever.

There is a scene of rehabilitation in Bannagadhi Jayagarh village municipality 5 of Achham. Mansara Saud, 71, is in a similar situation to Kalawati. It has been four days since the grain was not washed in the mouth. Crying and screaming, he beats his own chest. You are unconscious every now and then. After being silent for a while, you come back to your previous state. The villagers and relatives have reached home to take care of him. But they have not been able to calm him down. Leaving the robbery, he cries and says, 'Who will see me now? How do i live The sinner took my son. '

Tears have stopped flowing from the eyes of his wife Ghima after the smugglers killed Tek Bahadur Saud, an employee of a temporary police post at Jugeda in Dhangadhi Sub-metropolis-12. After receiving the news of the incident, she reached Dhangadhi on her own. 

She was rushed to the spot to search for him. Khima has become like a living corpse at home. Her daughters repeatedly tell her mother not to cry. The more he leaves, the more he cries. Not only has the seam of his sewing been asked, life has also become helpless. 

He got married 2 years after taking the job. Mrs. works as a housemaid. He has two daughters. After the murder of the father, the shadow of life of both the daughters has been lost. Only God knows how to communicate joy in this compassionate scene of the deceased family. Everyone's eyes are watering. 

The families of Assistant Inspector of Police Govinda Vik and police constable Tek Bahadur Vik have been killed by the smugglers on the night of November 20 while on duty. Both families are in mourning. The entire police organization is mourning the loss of a conscientious public servant at this time.

The mothers and wives of both the victims have fainted. Their two daughters have been orphaned. Govinda, who was found murdered and dumped in the Mohana River on November 20, was drowned in the Doda River in Kanchanpur on November 19. Saud, who was found buried in the Mohana River on November 19, was buried at Kailashkhola in Achham on Wednesday. 

ASI BK had returned to his residence in Sivanagar, Dhangadhi on Saturday evening after meeting his wife and daughter. On the second day, Govinda, who had returned to duty saying that he would come for breakfast, left without ever returning. Wife Pooja's life was struck by lightning. 6-year-old daughter Aarohi and 3-year-old daughter Aarushi also lost their father's warm support forever.

The demise of Govinda, the sole source of income for a poor family, has left his new home without a roof immediately. Sick brother and unemployed brother have also become orphans due to Govinda's tragic demise. Recalling his struggle and perseverance, Dojraj Ghimire, former principal of Bageshwori Secondary School Rehabilitation, who is also Govinda's teacher, said that Govinda was a hardworking and disciplined student in his class.

As a result of his diligence, he started his service as Assistant Inspector of Nepal Police only four years ago. Abbal Govind entered the police service after graduating. Sayla son of Ram Bahadur of Banagarhi Jayagarh village municipality-5 of Achham. Her younger brother is in the Nepal Army. One brother is studying CMA and is preparing for public service at home.

At home, father and mother farm. The eldest brother's 10-year job was to support his family. He wanted to build a house in Dhangadhi by saving a little money. That wish could not be fulfilled. He wanted to teach his daughter a lot. He could not change that thinking.

According to his brother Ganga Bahadur Saud, Ram Bahadur was good at physical exercise from an early age. He was energetic and enthusiastic. He was first in school in running, jumping and gymnastics. He had dreamed of joining the force since childhood.

After passing class 12, he had applied to become a policeman in Dipayal. At that time, he was not selected. His dream of becoming a policeman was so strong that he did not give up even after five elections. But his courage brought him to his knees in the river Mohana on November 20. 

'When my friends told me to go to India, he thought I would work for the country. He sacrificed his life while performing his duty for the country. But we were all left alone and helpless. Asai Saab and his brother lost their lives while serving the country, 'said Ram Bahadur.' I am proud of him who died in Bardi. He does not want such incidents to happen again. The killer has also been identified. He wants no one to escape. 

Spokesperson of the Far Western Provincial Police Office, Senior Superintendent of Police Mukesh Kumar Singh said that Govinda and Tek Bahadur were good and courageous police officers. "We will not release the killer under any circumstances. We will take action and leave. What can be done to help the family of the deceased? We support that too, ”he said.

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