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What has happened so far in the investigation of the brutal murder of a teacher in France?

According to French media reports, the father of a student who allegedly ran an online campaign against a teacher killed in France sent a message to the attacker before Samuel Patti was attacked.

The brutal murder of a teacher has shocked the whole of France

Patti, who was killed on Friday, showed his students controversial cartoons of Mohammed.

The 48-year-old's name has not been released.

But he has been accused of issuing 'fatwas' against the teachers.

France in mourning

The brutal murder has saddened the whole of France.

Thousands marched on the site where he was killed.

Abdullakh A, 18, who was allegedly involved in the murder, was shot dead by police shortly after the incident.

It is said that many messages were exchanged between the student's father and Patti's killer.

The man, who issued a fatwa calling for the teacher to be punished, and another evangelist have been described by French media as "hardline Muslims."

Muslims consider fatwas to be a kind of legal order.


Police on Monday raided various places in the Muslim network and about 40 houses.

On Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron banned a Muslim group called the Sheikh Yassin Collective.

A mosque near Parish has been closed for six months after the incident

The banned group was named after the founder of the Palestinian group Hamas, claiming to be directly involved in the killings.

Monroe said the ban was intended to help protect Muslims in France from extremism.

France has the largest Muslim population in Europe.

French Prime Minister Jean Castaque has said the atmosphere of terror will not be allowed to continue.

The home minister said more than 50 organizations were under surveillance.

Murder incident

According to a counterterrorism prosecutor, Patti was targeted in early October after showing the cartoons at a freedom of expression class.

Before showing the cartoons, the history and geology teacher said that if it made Muslim students feel bad, they could leave the classroom early.

Abdullakh Ale reached the school on Friday afternoon and asked the students to identify the teachers.

Teacher Samuel Patti, who was killed on Friday, showed his students controversial cartoons

He followed the teacher home and stabbed him in the head.

According to a source close to the investigation, four children have been arrested in the investigation.

It is believed that the attacker paid the teacher to identify him.

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