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Rajesh Hamal's program 'जातको प्रश्न' in controversy

Kathmandu: Actor Rajesh Hamal's television program 'Question of Caste' is in controversy. Saying that the anti-Hindu program has been created with the investment of Christian, there are protests on social media and other parts of the program.

The 'जातको प्रश्न', aired by Kanta Television on behalf of the Samata Foundation, began with a call for an end to discrimination and untouchability in Nepali society. But protests have started saying that the program is anti-Hindu. 

Actor Hamal has also been targeted due to the program 'Christian Aid Nepal'. It has been alleged that despite being a hero, he played the role of a villain by axing the society through the program. Hamal has immediately started leaving the program called 'Question of Caste' and has started to apologize to the Hindu community.

Hindu supporters, led by the National Unity Campaign, gathered at Bhimsen Gola in Kathmandu on Monday to protest against the program by burning the idol of Hamal.

Vinay Yadav, the national coordinator of the campaign, has been saying that Hamal is defaming the Nepali Hindu society through the program. Yadav has demanded the immediate cessation of the program, which was started to divide Nepali society and discredit them in a country where more than 80 percent Hindus live.

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