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Twenty-two monkeys drowned in pond, 12 rescued alive

Okhaldhunga: Twenty-two monkeys drowned in a pond constructed for irrigation in Siddhicharan Municipality-5, Sanitar on Thursday evening. Employees of 12 local and forest division offices have rescued him alive.

A large number of monkeys died on Friday in Sanitar, an area where monkeys always eat food. At other times, monkeys used to come and drink water in the cement pond built for irrigation.

'When they were on the surface of the water, they would easily return after drinking water. But yesterday, as the water level was low, he was found drowning while trying to drink, 'said Bharat Babu Shrestha, chief of the Division Forest Office, Okhaldhunga.

After the mass death of the monkey, the people's representative of the ward, the staff of the Forest Division Office and the locals have been informed about the incident. Locals Min Prasad Dahal and Vikas Bishankhe initially saw the monkey entering the pond. He said 22 people had died while trying to rescue as many as possible.

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