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Upper Malung 'A' Hydropower Project to start generating electricity from next year

Rasuwa: The Upper Malung 'A' Hydropower Project is set to start generating electricity from next year.

The 6.42 MW project being constructed in Somdang, border area of ​​Rasuwa and Dhading, is expected to generate electricity within a year. According to the project, 98 percent of the construction work has been completed. Project Chief Jit Man Sherpa said that there is about six months of work left in the project.

"If we can do regular work, we can do it in about six months," he said.

The project has stated that only the construction work of the transmission line is left. According to him, the work of the transmission line will start after the festival. He said that the construction of the project was delayed due to snowfall, rain and lack of work during the festival. "The workers on the side are preparing to go home to celebrate Dashain," he said. "Now that the workers have returned, the rest of the work will move forward."

The deadline has been extended three times so far as the construction could not be completed within the stipulated time limit. According to the project, power generation could not be generated on time due to earthquake, blockade, change of contractor, geographical remoteness, Kovid-19 and inability to work during snowfall.

 The construction work is halted in two phases every year from June to August and from Push to Chait. The construction work of the project has started from 2069 BS.

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