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Ranipokhari opens in this year's Tihar festival

Kathmandu: The historic Ranipokhari will be open to the public during this year's festival after the completion of reconstruction. The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has said that it is preparing to inaugurate Ranipokhari a decade before the construction was completed in the first week of September.

Rajuman Manandhar, an expert at the National Reconstruction Authority, said that sanitation and lighting work is underway in Ranipokhari, which was completely destroyed due to the Gorkha earthquake. Every year for five years after the earthquake, people used to place the idol of Balagopaleshwar at the mouth of the bridge in the pond.

Gajur has been placed in five places including the main one and four others at the site of the Balgopaleshwar temple in the middle of the pond on September 3 at 8 am. The main gajur is made of copper weighing 123 kg. The exterior of Gajur is covered with gold.

Although the Kathmandu Metropolitan City initially said that it would rebuild the historical heritage, the reconstruction work could not move forward for three years due to disagreement between the Department of Archeology and the Kampa. Eventually, the reconstruction work was handed over to the authority.

President Bidyadevi Bhandari had started the reconstruction of the earthquake-damaged heritage from Ranipokhari on the occasion of the National Earthquake Day. It is mentioned in the inscription that Ranipokhari was built in 1727 BS to appease the queen after the death of Pratap Malla's son Chakravartendra. The Balgopaleshwar temple was established in the middle of the pond at that time.

Pratap Malla built this pond in the name of his son Chakravartendra. The construction of the pond was completed in about five years, i.e. in 1799 BS. The inscription was laid in 790 N.S (1727 B.S / 1670 AD).

Historians say that water from 108 shrines was poured into the pond. During the construction of Pratap Malla, four temples were built around the pond. Bhairav's temple with power in the northwest corner, Bhairav's temple in the northeast corner, Devi's temple in the southeast corner and sixteen-armed Ganesha in the southwest.

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