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All preparations have been completed to implement cleanfeed from October 22: Minister for Communications Gurung

Kathmandu: Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Parbat Gurung, has informed that preparations have been completed for the implementation of Clean Feed in foreign television channels broadcasting in Nepal. Minister Gurung informed that legal and institutional preparations have been completed for the implementation of Clean Feed from October 22. 

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday to announce the decision of the cabinet, Minister Gurung said that the preparations have been completed as per the provisions of the Advertising Regulation Act, 2076 BS. Article 6 of the Act stipulates that advertisement-free content shall be broadcast on foreign channels broadcasting in Nepal and that dubbed content may not be used by Nepali channels while broadcasting foreign advertisements.

Minister Gurung said that an advertisement board has been formed to implement cleanfeed and joint secretary of the ministry Dilliraj Sharma has been appointed as its chairman. He informed that the board has already made institutional preparations for the monitoring and will continue monitoring from November 25.

"It has been informed that if there is no advertisement-free broadcasting as per the law as per the spirit and letter of the act, it will be done according to the law," said Minister Gurung. He also said that the organizations broadcasting foreign channels in Nepal have been informed about it. He said that action will be taken according to the law if there is no clean feed.

Stating that the implementation of advertisement-free clean feed in Nepal is a historic decision, Minister Gurung said that preparations and discussions have been going on since 2073 BS.

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